10 Emotionless Characters In The Netflix Series, Ranked

By watching a television series, the audience discovers all the different types of characters. Depending on the roles they play in the storyline, many experience major arcs, while others remain static. Nonetheless, seeing diverse personalities and characteristics is what makes the content thoroughly entertaining.

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Another crucial element that also proved engaging is how these characters behave during the time they progress through a show. While most of the characters will follow the most common emotions that viewers would expect, these characters from Netflix shows seem to be either devoid of feelings or unwilling to confront their feelings, leaving the impression that they are essentially emotionless.

ten Elite: Rubén Martínez valued money more than his daughter

In EliteIn the third season, Rubén and his family risked losing everything. However, Yeray, an entrepreneur who wants to date Rubén’s daughter, Carla, plans to invest in their winery. Carla is forced by Rubén to pretend she loves Yeray so that he invests in the family business. After Carla was honest with Yeray, they agreed to be friends. Yeray still invested in the winery, but changed the contract to have Carla control the business. Rubén had no choice but to accept. Overall, fans were disgusted by Rubén’s unsympathetic nature and happy that he was outwitted.

9 Summertime: Federica Donaera was unwaveringly brash and had an ulterior motive

In the third season of Summer time, Sofia decided to work with professional photographer Federica. When they first met, Federica seemed nice, but every time after that she acted like a different person, even calling Sofia a “disaster.”.“Federica had no consideration for Sofia’s feelings.

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The straw that broke the camel’s back involved Federica who got drunk one day and acted inappropriately, which made Sofia uncomfortable. Sofia then had to push Federica away before leaving and never coming back. To say Federica was a big disappointment would be an understatement.

8 Sweet Magnolias: Brad Wellington’s drinking led to estrangement and rash acts

Brad, an employee of Dana Sue, drank expensive alcohol from his restaurant without paying. Before Dana Sue finally fired Brad, he started hurling sexist slurs at her, such as saying that cooking was nothing without him and that many female chefs often fail because they are unable to accept the reviews. After her dismissal, Brad irrationally tried to sue her for wrongful termination, then made a scene at the restaurant. After the way the character acted, viewers were more than happy to see Brad go for sweet magnolias’ first season.

seven Cobra Kai: Kandace Nichols embodies selfishness

During season 4 of Cobra Kai, viewers met Kandace, Tory’s maternal aunt. Kandace is waiting for Tory outside the Cobra Kai dojo one day and expects to receive his mother’s disability insurance money. When Tory says her family needs them for necessities, Kandace claims she knows the system better than Tory and will likely get custody of Brandon, Tory’s younger brother, after their mother dies, meaning that she would collect survivor benefits. It’s obvious that Kandace only cares about herself while taking advantage of others.

6 The Queen’s Gambit: Allston Wheatley has a cold heart

When Allston was first introduced in The Queen’s Bet, viewers could tell right away that he wasn’t exactly friendly. Through The Queen’s Bet, Allston never cared much for anyone but himself. This was especially evident with the way he acted towards his wife and newly adopted daughter, Beth.

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It became clear that Allston didn’t like it at all and thought they were a nuisance. Viewers were happy when, after a while, Beth earned enough money to buy her family home, and he was never seen again.

5 Special: Olivia doesn’t care about other people’s feelings

In Special, Olivia is Eggwoke’s boss, and viewers are immediately made aware of her callousness. A perfect example would be Olivia blurting out something personal that a worker told her in confidence. The worker was mortified, but Olivia completely ignored her negative reaction and told her to write about this experience for the website, as she thought it might interest their audience. Olivia is an inconsiderate character whose only interests are to bolster her ego and the success of the business.

4 Firefly Lane: Dorothy “Cloud” Hart’s tendency to be indifferent was due to her addiction

path of the fireflies cuts between the past, the present and the future of the characters. It’s in the past that we see how Cloud’s addiction has impacted his interactions with people, as well as his ability to be a good parent to his daughter. Cloud acted stupid, then turned cruel, which had a significant impact on his daughter, Tully. A pivotal moment for Cloud is, after getting sober years later, when Tully goes to her workplace and confronts her about being a terrible mother. It’s safe to say that Cloud isn’t exactly a favorite character on path of the fireflies, but she showed remorse.

3 Ginny & Georgia: Virginia “Ginny” Miller lacks compassion

Ginny explicitly claims to have emotion, but her actions and dialogue prove otherwise. After moving to Wellsbury, Ginny, in an unemotional tone, comments that “everyone is so happy. But what she notably lacks, more specifically, is compassion. She decides to tell Ginny about it later.

2 Grace and Frankie: Janet is bad without any shame

Janet is part of Grace’s group of friends. But unlike them, she shows the stereotypical traits of a snob and generally has a relatively expressionless face when interacting with everyone. Janet is also extraordinarily curious as she tries to intrude on people’s lives. This is especially evident during “The Landline”.

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Janet wonders why Grace is using a cane, and although Grace tries to dismiss it as a sports injury, she pushes for the truth while positively showing no shame. Janet is a character who infuriates others but usually doesn’t cause too much trouble.

1 Heartstopper: Tori Spring is stoic, but a good sister

Tori seems like a good person who means well. However, Tory also has a direct approach to communicating with people, especially his brother, Charlie. While on their way to school in the pilot episode, “Meet,” viewers can tell that she really wants to know what Charlie is looking for in a boy, but shows a deadpan facial expression the whole time. time. Tori’s qualities are very refreshing to watch. While definitely blunt, it suits his character, and his no-nonsense attitude is quite admirable.

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