A breathtaking advertisement shot on the kasbah of the port of Grimsby, welcoming to the cinema

It’s Grimsby Docks like you’ve never seen it before.

Once the world’s largest fishing port and now the main offshore wind-powered maritime base – it recently undertook a temporary transformation – becoming a moody inner-city gangland of Japan.

The Humber port was chosen as the backdrop for the launch of a new motorcycle helmet, Ruroc’s Atlas 3.0.

It aims to increase 250,000 sales worldwide with its “next-level innovation” and integrated technology making it “the best range ever”. Pushing on it revealed a sultry, alluring and adrenaline rush around the Kasbah, filmed for two days in February.

Samurai swords on the asphalt, stunts under a spotlight, and a candle that boosts anticipation help create this incredible piece, featuring a female protagonist – and plenty of product photos.

Host and landowner ABP said it was a “great team effort” to make this possible.

“Our buildings and many streets around the harbor have been dressed to make a fantastic backdrop, with one of the alleys being turned into a Japanese market,” ABP Humber Ambassador to Grimsby, Charli Parkin, said after speaking answered the original call. “A huge well done to everyone involved in the project, from the port cleaning to the chaperoning and the organization of health and safety.”

Grimsby is no stranger to film and television, with the same area also being a war-torn French resort town in Atonement.

This is England was another visitor, although Sacha Baron Cohen’s Grimsby flop actually used Tilbury in Essex, although the actor visited it, attending a match at Blundell Park.

the Announcement Ruroc comes as another high-octane encounter hits regional screens with Phillips 66 resurrecting its critically acclaimed “ Keep on Moving ” TV campaign for its Jet fuel brand.

Starring a man ‘driving’ through the countryside on a grand piano while singing Joe Jackson’s iconic ’80s hit’ Steppin ‘Out’ – he was praised for his’ refreshing and absurd take on auto advertising “And for” a visit to a gas “the station looks epic”.

Phillips 66’s critically acclaimed “Keep on Moving” television campaign for its Jet fuel brand.

Originally launched in September 2020 and airing exclusively in the North East and Midlands, the second broadcast, which coincides with the nation’s reopening, will target new territories including Yorkshire, the East of England and the North-west.

The ad will also air nationally during the England with New Zealand test series on Sky Sports.

Áine Corkery, Head of Brand Phillips 66, said: “The campaign landed so strongly with our Jet dealers and consumers the first time that the decision to bring it back this year was easy.

“It’s an ad that celebrates the joy of driving and the open road and perfectly reflects our ‘driver first’ philosophy.”

It will launch on May 27.

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