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JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP – Students at Ashtabula County Career and Tech Center (A-Tech) got the chance to hear all about the film industry during a recent video call with Jon Hartman, Director of Netflix Sites .

Visual design and imagery students joined students of the A-Tech multimedia satellite programs at Edgewood, Grand Valley, Jefferson and Lakeside high schools during the Nov. 18 call.

Hartman is part of the crew working in Ashtabula County on the movie “Wheat Germ”. The original Netflix movie is based on the book “White Noise” and stars Adam Driver.

In early November, Netflix partnered with A-Tech to use the school parking lot while filming on Netcher Road. Hartman offered to meet with the students after speaking with A-Tech Superintendent Scott Wludyga.

“I grew up in a small town and wasn’t aware of these opportunities,” said Hartman, who worked in the film industry for about seven years.

Hartman now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He told the students that there are a lot of jobs in the industry and networking can be the key to getting in. He has worked on a number of projects, including the TV show “Nashville” and the CMT Music Awards.

In his job as a site manager, he spoke of having strong communication skills and being flexible to adapt to changing scenarios. The insight made an impression on the students.

“I loved hearing about his experience in the field,” said Alex Baumann, senior at Grand Valley High School. “It was interesting to hear the number of different careers in media. “

Samantha Pocse, a senior in A-Tech’s Visual Design and Imaging Program, said: “Scouting as a job sounds like fun! You would have to do a lot of exploration.

William Page, Senior Multimedia at Edgewood High, said: “It opened my mind to the possibilities in the industry and could allow me to pursue my dreams with less worry of money. “

“I thought the reunion was cool because it showed how real his work is, especially coming from a small town it seems impossible to find a job for Netflix,” said Trent Hodge, a junior. from Jefferson’s multimedia program.

“Getting to know the basics of a job that I didn’t know existed until yesterday, but which I find incredibly interesting,” said Xzavior Yates, who is also part of the Jefferson Multimedia Program.

Students in multimedia programs gain a competitive advantage for these opportunities as high school students. Through A-Tech, they can earn free industry degrees and college credit, Wludyga said.

The movie “Wheat Germ” is scheduled for release in 2022.

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