Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon star in hilarious ‘SNL’ Christmas skit

The Christmas episode “Saturday Night Live” might have been different from previous years, but even with no live audience and a limited cast and crew, there’s one thing that has stayed the same: a hilarious – and relatable – holiday skit.

Last year, “SNL” gave viewers the gift of what Christmas morning really is for moms, which many confirmed on social media. This year, the show tackled another theme common to families: what is your mom really want for Christmas this year?

The pre-recorded skit starred host Paul Rudd, portraying the director of a HomeGoods commercial, while “SNL” mainstays Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon played two mothers who enjoy shopping at the retailer.

The two women have been tasked with sharing what they want for the holidays to give some advice to families across the country on what gifts to give their mothers. Bryant and McKinnon were both confident when they told Rudd they could handle the task, but the second the cameras started rolling McKinnon said she “wasn’t difficult” while Bryant insisted that no one was “spending too much” on their gift.

After pushing the question, Rudd insists the two women be honest about what they really want for the holidays, and honest they were. After looking down at the camera for a few seconds, the two women say they want “grandchildren” almost in unison.

Rudd tries to get the women to mention more achievable gifts, but the two women kept saying they only wanted grandchildren.

“What about something from HomeGoods? Rudd asked, but he just received the same response from McKinnon and Bryant, who responded with “a son for my son” and “five grandchildren.”

He then suggested that the two women branch out with some of their responses, which they did. Good type of.

Bryant said she wanted a “fluffy blanket to swaddle her grandchildren” while McKinnon wanted a “cake stand” except with “the grandchildren on top.” Rudd tried to encourage them to ask for a sweater and Bryant partially understood the mission, telling the camera that she wanted a “baby sweater.”

Rudd decides to take a short break after the shoot to talk to the women and help them describe any other gifts they want. Except when filming resumes, Bryant and McKinnon took a turn for the worse, detailing various scenarios of their children conceiving and delivering their grandchild. As responses progress, the camera turns to Rudd who appears increasingly disturbed as the duo share their increasingly alarming vacation wishes.

Finally, Rudd is fed up and says to the two women, “I don’t know why you are so attached to the grandchildren. “

McKinnon then asks if he has any children, to which Rudd immediately replies that he doesn’t, explaining, “Too many responsibilities. I mean the kids are cute, it’s nice to see them every now and then, but not all of the time.

Bryant appears to be wary of the honesty of his response, which prompted him to explain himself further. Rudd adds, “I mean, sure, it would be fun to take a little rascal who looks like me on the Ferris wheel. Or say good job when she cartwheels on my lawn.

At this point, Bryant and McKinnon know they have Rudd on their side before he knocks over and say, “Oh my god, I want grandchildren. Grandchildren are amazing. They don’t blame you for nothing, they just play the clarinet and go to college. I want that! “

In the comments, viewers shared their thoughts on the sketch. One user personally connected to the skit, writing, “They really only want grandchildren. My mom asks every day when she will finally get lmao from me.”


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