Are the Batman movies on Netflix? Where to watch the Batman movies?

Does Netflix have any of the Batman movies in its lineup? Keep reading to find out where fans can see all of their favorite movie projects involving DC’s Dark Knight.

DC’s infamous powerhouse has been a force to be reckoned with since the superhero’s creation in 1939 by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. The legendary vigilante will make his triumphant debut in the 27th issue of Detective comics and would go on to be successful in the comic world for over 80 years, garnering a huge fan base in the process.

But the colorful panels of DC comics wouldn’t be enough to contain the Dark Knight, as the character eventually branched out into other forms of media. First it was the small screen with the help of the exceptional Adam West in a live-action series, then with the Emmy winner Batman: The Animated Series.

But it was when the world’s greatest detective hit the big screen that the magnificent character’s legacy was solidified and his legendary status was undeniable. And now, inevitably, the release of The Batman The film starring Robert Pattinson is sure to rekindle fan interest in re-watching the caped crusader’s many cinematic adventures.

How many Batman movies are there?

Figuring out how many movies feature Gotham’s heroic knight can be as complicated as solving one of The Riddler’s puzzles. When it comes to big-budget, character-focused, big-screen live-action movies, there are seven that fit that criteria. Eight if you include The Batman with Pattinson.

Tim Burton directed two feature films where Michael Keaton played the lead role, 1989 Batman and 1992 Return of Batman. Then Joel Schumacher took the reins with Val Kilmer in the lead role in the 1995s batman forever then George Clooney gave him a chance in 1997 batman and robin.

the Dark Knight Trilogy 2005s follow-up batman begins2008 The black Knightand 2012 The dark knight rises, all directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale as the caped crusader of justice. It’s vital to point out that the character has been featured in several other iterations, including the 2016 ones. Suicide Squad, Batman vs. Supermanand Zack Snyder from 2021 Justice Leaguewhere Oscar winner Ben Affleck offered his take on the hero to audiences under the direction of directors Zack Snyder and David Ayer.

There are also several amazing animated features in which the stars of the caped crusader, including Dragon Soul, Hushand The Long Halloween Parts 1 & 2, just to name a few. Of the 47 cartoon-style films released, more than a dozen are headlined by the man in the cape and hood.

Are the Batman movies on Netflix?

Not every Batman movie has a place in the stacked library of content Netflix has to offer. But luckily for fans who also claim to be subscribers, once in a while, one if not more of these excellent superhero titles make their presence known to members.

Around this time, Christopher Nolan’s groundbreaking film batman begins and the Oscar-winning sequel, The black Knight, are now ready to stream on Netflix. Additionally, the animated feature Batman: The Killing Joke is also an option on the streamer.

Where to watch the Batman movies

Anyone looking for DC’s early vigilante cinematic efforts can check out Hulu. In their programming, subscribers will find Batman, Batman returns, Batman forever, and batman and robin as of this publication.

But fans of the caped crusader should definitely have HBO Max on their radar because it truly is the streaming epicenter for all things Batman. Currently, the streamer has The Dark Knight Trilogy, Batman vs. Supermanand The Lego Batman Movie.

It even has a ton of masterfully crafted animated films that many fans hold in higher regard than live-action DCEU movies. Excellent fan favorites such as Gotham Knight, Gotham by Gaslight, Under Red Riding Hood, and more are just a click away on HBO Max.

And of course, The Batman The film, released on March 4, 2022, directed by Matt Reeves, is only available in theaters. For more information on what’s available on Netflix, be sure to keep following Netflix Life!

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