Commercial TV – Cost 278 Tue, 15 Jun 2021 07:46:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Commercial TV – Cost 278 32 32 Pro14 renamed United Rugby Championship thanks to investment from CVC Tue, 15 Jun 2021 04:00:39 +0000

Club Pro14’s rugby competition is changing its name, adding new South African teams and making new broadcast deals, the first sign of how private equity firm CVC Capital Partners is aiming to revamp the sport.

The buyout group paid £ 120million for a 28% stake in the tournament last year, one in a series of rugby deals as it seeks to reshape the global game by changing the how the sport is sold to fans, sponsors and broadcasters.

The competition, an annual tournament featuring teams from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy and South Africa, is renamed the “United Rugby Championship”, people familiar with the decision said. .

These people said they also made new TV deals for the start of the 2021/2022 season in September, including with the BBC in the UK, RTE in Ireland and SuperSport in South Africa. The organizers will also launch a new global subscription streaming service for fans.

While the goal is for the majority of matches to be shown on free TV to reach as many audiences as possible, the broadcast deals will help boost the competition’s annual revenue to £ 55million from £ 25m. million pounds sterling last year.

However, the tournament can still struggle to gain new viewers and new income. Rugby is dominated by interest in national competitions, such as the Six Nations in Europe, the Rugby Championship in the Southern Hemisphere, and the Rugby World Cup.

According to people familiar with the decision, the new United Rugby Championship will play fewer matches on weekends when international fixtures are held and the club’s star players represent their national teams.

Along with its stake in Pro14, CVC has also invested in England Premiership Rugby and Six Nations, the best rugby tournament for national teams in Europe.

His plans for the United Rugby Championship show how CVC intends to act as a go-between between the disparate groups that run the sport in order to improve the value of its investments.

The Luxembourg group, former owner of Formula 1 and Moto GP, has tended to take minority stakes in sports competitions, seeking commercial control in such a way as to allow it to bundle the television rights of different competitions and sell them to diffusers.

In addition to rugby, the buyout group has also acquired a stake in the global volleyball governing body and has recently conducted investment talks with companies such as ATP and WTP, both men’s and women’s tennis circuits. , the Italian football league Serie A and the American basketball franchise San Antonio. Spurs.

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The United Rugby Championship will drop from 14 to 16 teams. Two South African teams, the Southern Kings and the Cheetahs, have left the competition but will be replaced by four of the country’s biggest teams: the Lions, Stormers, Sharks and Bulls.

Over time, South Africa Rugby, the country’s federation, will also become a shareholder in the competition, bringing it closer to some of the main European federations.

CVC has also discussed investing in South African rugby and is in talks to create a Club World Cup tournament of the world’s top club rugby teams. The CVC’s recent influence on rugby has helped push the discussions forward and a new global competition could be launched as early as 2024, according to people familiar with the discussions.

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Hawks game at State Farm Arena certified as 1st TRUE sporting event in the world – WSB-TV Channel 2 Mon, 14 Jun 2021 12:01:00 +0000

ATLANTA – The Atlanta Hawks’ game against the New York Knicks last month not only stood out because of the two big teams facing off, but it was important because of State Farm Arena’s efforts for an environment greener.

The May 30 game was the first sporting event to achieve TRUE certification, which stands for Total Resource Use and Efficiency.

In order to become TRUE certified, an event must meet the requirements of the GBCI. These requirements include the establishment of a zero waste policy, having achieved an average of 90% or more overall diversion from landfills, incineration (energy recovery from waste) and the environment for non-hazardous solid waste. . The event must reduce, reuse, recycle, compost and / or recover for productive use in nature or the economy, and comply with all federal, state / provincial and local laws and regulations on solid waste and recycling. In addition, the project complies with all air, water and soil release permits required for the collection, handling or treatment of materials and meets or exceeds through documentation of effort data and waste diversion measures.

The May 30 match brought together 16,458 sold-out spectators.

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“As we continue our journey to make State Farm Arena a zero waste place, we are grateful to our staff and fans who have all worked together to achieve this certification from GBCI,” said Sofi Armenakian, Director of Sustainability and operations for the Hawks and State Farm Arena. “We recognize how important it is for sport to create change and know that this is just another way for a sport site to contribute positively and act sustainably in its community. “

The Hawks have been helped by various organizations such as the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM), which helps create various recycling solutions for the city of Atlanta. CompostNow which provides commercial composting solutions – CompostNow allows us to compost all of our compostable serving items, cutlery and packaging. Additionally, the site activated 15 volunteers, teachers from Jonesboro Middle School, who joined the event as zero waste volunteers. In their roles, they helped venue guests sort through properly to reduce contamination. Additionally, Levy Restaurants, the official food and beverage partner of Hawks and State Farm Arena, contributed to the supply chain process. Pritchard Sports & Entertainment, the team’s official housekeeping partner, also operationally assisted with the collection and sorting of all materials.

“We all want the world to be a cleaner, healthier place for future generations, and we cannot achieve this without focusing on efforts to reduce and eliminate waste. TRUE seeks to instill a more circular economy and enable businesses and organizations to tackle these issues head-on by setting, pursuing and achieving zero waste goals for their facilities, ”said Mahesh Ramanujam, President and Chief from management, USGBC and GBCI. “To reduce the negative impacts of waste on people and the environment, organizations of all kinds will need to scale up and demonstrate leadership by prioritizing policies, operations and actions that dramatically reduce waste and limit extraction and l use of upstream resources. The Hawks and State Farm Arena’s commitment to pursue TRUE for Events certification really brings us closer to our goal of becoming a zero waste community that’s healthier for all of us.

In February 2021, Hawks and State Farm Arena successfully diverted 97% of the waste generated by fans during the 2021 NBA All-Star Game with the help of Rubicon, a software platform that provides waste solutions, recycling and smart city to businesses and governments around the world.

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NBA Playoff ratings are on the rise, and having fans in the stands can be a big reason why Sun, 13 Jun 2021 11:32:00 +0000


The first round rating on ESPN, ABC and TNT is up 46% from last year’s bubble-related first round and 3% from 2019.

Fans packed TD Garden for Game 4 of the Celtics’ First Round Playoffs against the Nets. STAFF JIM DAVIS / GLOBE

NBA first-round playoff scores on ESPN, ABC and TNT are up 46% from last year’s bubble-related first round and 3% from 2019, the last full season before the pandemic. The first round matches averaged 3.06 million viewers across the three networks.

The league has not seen such an impressive recovery since LeBron James blocked Andre Iguodala in the Cavaliers’ win over the Warriors in Game 7 of the 2016 Finals.

It will be fascinating whether these numbers are sustainable, with big name franchises and / or teams from major markets such as the Celtics, Lakers and Knicks bouncing back in the first round.

But the good news from the first wave of playoff games, after a regular season in which ratings fell more than 10% from 2019-20 numbers, made me wonder if he There was an overlooked factor in all of the eyebrow analysis as to why viewership plunged and remained in those sunken depths for almost a year.

There have certainly been enough theories as to what caused the drop, dating back to last year’s playoffs in the Orlando bubble. Some theories were valid – the sports calendar was crowded in the fall, viewers dived into genres other than cable news during the pandemic, and the preparation for the November presidential election took people away from sports in general. .

Some like to cite gamers’ social justice messages as the reason for the decline, but that impact on ratings was incidental at best, and it’s ludicrous to suggest the message was intrusive on any show. The loudest screamers about players using their platform to express themselves probably weren’t modern NBA fans in the first place.

There was another factor that I hadn’t given much thought to until the first round of this year’s playoffs: the presence of crowds in arenas and how much they improve television broadcasting.

With Massachusetts easing restrictions in late May on the size of crowds allowed to assemble, the Celtics are almost at full capacity for Game 4 of their series with the Nets. Official attendance was 17,226 people; The Garden’s official seating capacity for Celtics games is 19,156.

It made all the difference. Watching Game 4 on TV with the whole crowd as the soundtrack seemed to be closest to normal for a long time, even though the numb skull that threw a water bottle at Kyrie Irving put a cloud over it in the end. (Even with smaller crowds, the Bruins-Capitals first-round Stanley Cup Playoff games brought a similar cathartic effect, life is getting good again.)

Even when the Celtics had smaller crowds – there were 4,789 in the building for Jayson Tatum’s 50-point masterpiece in Game 3 – it sounded and looked so much better on TV.

Funny, the quality of play in the bubble last fall was extremely high, something new president of basketball operations Brad Stevens has pointed out on occasion. But the TV product, with empty arenas, had all the excitement of a summer league show. I’d say it’s soulless, but we actually heard the soles – the constant squeak of sneakers on the court. The basketball was high quality, but the broadcasts reminded us of how strange and isolated our world remains.

I ran this fan-affecting odds theory by TNT analyst Charles Barkley, who is known to share an opinion or two. Let’s just say Chuck didn’t hem while still agreeing with the notion.

“The sport sucks without fans,” Barkley said. “They just do it. And you can’t hide it on TV. The fans are what makes it more than a basketball game.

“I think what happened is that the fans are realizing that life sucks without sports. But on the other hand, I think the players have learned, man, that these games are really Dummies without fans It’s not the same It’s not that fun.

“So I hope, even with some incidents like the Kyrie affair in Boston, that this is a turning point where we realize how much fans matter and everyone starts to respect each other more. We’ll see how that goes. But I hope. The league doesn’t underestimate the fans now, I know that. “

Barkley, who took his hideous golf swing to Lake Tahoe this weekend to play in the American Century Championship pro-am at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course, which airs on NBC and NBCSN, did not limit his opinions to only one subject. Some other thoughts:

On the possibility of the Nets winning the NBA title: “If they win it, they win it. But I want to be perfectly clear, I’m rooting for these guys. I take root against all the great teams. It’s just like that… I’m from the old school. I said the other day if I had known you were going to laugh at me for not winning the championship, I would have joined a great team back then. Me and patrick [Ewing] and Karl Malone and John Stockton.

As to whether his colleague Shaquille O’Neal, analyst of “Inside the NBA”, plays golf: “He does not. He’s in all the shitty commercials on TV, so it’s taking up all of his free time. He has water now … I’ve never seen him drink water, but now he has a water company.

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Lobster diver almost swallowed by humpback whale: NPR Sat, 12 Jun 2021 19:52:04 +0000

A humpback whale jumps to the surface of the Pacific Ocean in Uramba Bahia Malaga National Natural Park in Colombia in 2018. Michael Packard says he was nearly swallowed by one of these whales on Friday while diving for lobsters off Provincetown.

Miguel Medina / AFP via Getty Images

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Miguel Medina / AFP via Getty Images

A humpback whale jumps to the surface of the Pacific Ocean in Uramba Bahia Malaga National Natural Park in Colombia in 2018. Michael Packard says he was nearly swallowed by one of these whales on Friday while diving for lobsters off Provincetown.

Miguel Medina / AFP via Getty Images

A commercial lobster diver says he escaped relatively unscathed after being nearly swallowed by a humpback whale, in a biblical-sounding encounter that whale experts describe as rare but plausible.

Michael Packard, 56, said in local interviews and on social media he was diving off Provincetown, Massachusetts on Friday morning when the whale suddenly picked him up.

“I was in his closed mouth for about 30 to 40 seconds before he rose to the surface and spit me out,” Packard later wrote. on Facebook. “I am very bruised but I have no broken bones.”

the Cape Cod Hours reports that Packard was lifted out of the water by his crew member and rushed to shore, where he was rushed to Cape Cod hospital. He was released from the hospital, although limping, that afternoon.

While still recovering from soft tissue injuries, Packard told the newspaper he would be back in the water as soon as he was healed.

What Packard says

Packard said WBZ-TV that he was about 45 feet deep in the water when he suddenly felt “that huge bump and everything went dark.” He first feared that he had been attacked by a shark.

“Then I felt around and realized that there were no teeth and that I really hadn’t felt much pain,” he said. “And then I realized, ‘Oh my God, I’m in the mouth of a whale. I’m in the mouth of a whale and he’s trying to swallow me.’ “

Packard still wore his snorkel gear and breathing apparatus inside the whale’s mouth, which he said was completely dark. Fearing not to make it out alive, he thought of his wife and sons.

After about half a minute, the whale rose to the surface of the water and began to shake its head from side to side.

“I just got thrown into the air and landed in the water,” Packard recalls. “And I was free, and I just floated in there… I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe I was doing it.”

What the witnesses say

Crew member Josiah Mayo said he saw the whale burst on the surface and throw Packard back into the sea, according to the Cape Cod Hours.

Lobster divers usually exit in pairs, with the crew member following the diver’s movements underwater by following his air bubbles.

Packard said in Boston WCVB-TV that his mate “came straight up to me and asked another guy to help me on board.”

This other man was Joe Francis, a charter boat captain who happened to be nearby.

“I saw Mike fly out of the water with his feet forward with his fins and fall back into the water,” Francis told WBZ-TV. “I jumped aboard the boat. We picked him up, took his tank off. Put him on the deck and calmed him down and he said, ‘Joe, I was in the mouth of a whale.’ “

While the two men witnessed Packard’s escape, Packard noted that they didn’t see the whale pick it up in the first place because “it ate me when I was at the bottom.”

What the whale experts say

Two researchers told NPR that interactions between humpback whales and humans are rare, and said the whale most likely engulfed Packard by accident as it opened its mouth to feed on small fish.

Iain Kerr, president and CEO of the Ocean Alliance, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit conservation organization, explained that humpback whales are known to feed at the slit, in which they open their mouths, speed up and “absorb 10 SUVs of water and fish, then everything else.”

Whales are generally very aware of their surroundings, Kerr said. But in this particular case, he said it’s entirely possible that when the whale rushed towards a school of fish, “it’s one shot in a million that [Packard] just rolled in the mouth. ”

Because humpback whales have a small esophagus, Kerr doubts that Packard could have entered the whale’s throat. Still, he says, he’s lucky to be alive.

“With the kind of forces involved here with animals of this size, it could have gone in 20 different ways that could have killed him,” he said.

For example, if the whale had shut its mouth out of fear, it could have broken Packard’s neck or back.

“To be clear, the whale didn’t want him in its mouth,” Kerr added, likening the situation to a speechless biker accidentally inhaling a fly.

Dr Jooke Robbins, director of humpback whale studies at the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, wrote in an email that the whale should have opened its mouth and potentially used its tongue to push Packard.

Such events are extremely rare, the two experts stressed.

Kerr remembers hearing about an incident in which one person survived a bite taken in the mouth of a humpback whale off the coast of South Africa in 2019, and Robbins said they were not aware of any comparable history.

She added that she didn’t expect to hear about other encounters anytime soon, but advises swimmers and boaters to be careful of their surroundings and keep a safe distance from any wild animals.

Plus, Kerr said, whales generally don’t want to interact with people either.

If you ever fell in the water near one of them he said, “I would stop moving and enjoy the experience, because what an opportunity”.

“As humanity turns more and more to the oceans for resources, recreation, agriculture, whatever, I think we’re going to have more and more interactions with these animals,” he said. -he adds. “But generally speaking, whales are gentle giants, and I think all they ask of us is a little respect for their time and space.”

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Marion County Health Authorities Hold Immunization Clinics on Saturdays – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana weather Fri, 11 Jun 2021 02:08:00 +0000

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A special COVID-19 vaccination pop-up clinic for 12-17 year olds and two additional inoculation events will take place on Saturday, the Marion County Public Health Department said in a statement from press Thursday.

Clinic for children aged 12 to 17

The clinic will offer the Pfizer vaccine from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Saturday at Arsenal Technical High School, 1500 E. Michigan St. Walk-in people are welcome. The clinic caters to 12-17 year olds, but family members over the age of 17 can also be vaccinated at the same time, and walk-in people are welcome. Parental or guardian consent is required for a child aged 12 to 17 to receive the vaccine. At the time of signing the consent for the first dose of vaccine, parents and guardians will have the option of appointing other people who will care for the child or adolescent for the second dose; these caregivers must be 18 years of age or over.

Participants must enter through West Gym Door 3 on Oriental Street.

Clinics added on Saturday

  • 9 am to 1 pm at a warehouse at 9503 E. 33rd St. The clinic will offer Moderna and Johnson & Johnson single dose vaccines for Marion County 18 years and over. Walk-ins are welcome.
  • 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Lafayette Place shopping center at 3685 Commercial Drive. The clinic for all ages will offer Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. Parental or guardian consent is required for a child aged 12 to 17 to receive the Pfizer vaccine. At the time of signing the consent for the first dose of vaccine, parents and guardians will have the option of appointing other people who will care for the child or adolescent for the second dose; these caregivers must be 18 years of age or over. Walk-ins are welcome.


“We are monitoring the Delta variant of COVID-19 overseas and are concerned about the high rate of spread, especially among 12 to 20 year olds, a population overdue for vaccination in Marion County. Parents and Guardians: Now is the time to protect your children from COVID-19 and the potential spread of this more contagious variant strain in the United States by ensuring that they receive both doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. “

Dr Virginia Caine, Director of the Marion County Public Health Department and Chief Medical Officer

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Nostalgia for Lancashire in 1980: citizen army; cat disaster; and the end of commercial television Thu, 10 Jun 2021 12:08:00 +0000

Preston Police Chief Superintendent Walter Real wants to recruit a number of special constables

Preston Police Chief Superintendent Walter Real wants to recruit a number of special constables

Lancs police to enlist citizen army

Lancashire Police want to recruit an army of 600 special agents to crack down on hooliganism.

The squad would play a “positive role in combating vandalism,” police said, bringing the number of citizen police officers to 1,000.

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The move follows a three-week drive to Preston to reduce the wreckage costing taxpayers £ 100,000 a year.

Chief Superintendent Walter Real, the boss of the Preston Police Department, said the campaign could soon be rolled out nationwide. “I am very satisfied with the public support that has been given to us. If we can maintain the interest, I am sure it will have the necessary impact at the national level. “

Lancashire Police need 600 members of the public to become ‘specialists’, cracking down on vandalism and relieving the regular force of some of the mundane tasks.

“We rely on people from all walks of life to come forward for the benefit of the community and volunteer their time as uniformed police officers,” said Sgt Brian Newsham, Minors’ Bureau officer.

“They have to be of the right caliber – able to communicate, confident, well built and ready to take the rough with the smooth,” he added.

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Cat disaster in the catalog of calamity

The paternal call of a red tom on his last kittens was a disaster.

For his companion Buffy, the tabby, fought like a tiger to protect his two cubs. And that was the start of a catalog of disasters.

Buffy chased the frightened cat to the kitchen window in her Preston house. And that’s where Buffy’s owners, Susan and Terry Shorrocks, found Tom terrified.

He risked several of his nine lives trying to flee the Avenham Road house.

He tumbled into the dish bowl three times as he made his way to the window before finally disappearing into the kitchen duct.

The Shorrocks couldn’t free the wanderer but believed he would find his own way out.

But a week later, the sad moggie let them know he was still buried. A worried Mrs. Shorrocks sent for helpful Preston firefighters.

They climbed onto the roof of the house, forced a pipe into the chimney, and tracked down a petrified Tom. But before Mrs. Shorrocks could catch it, the cat leapt into the fireplace.

A second rescue attempt was successful, but the unwanted visitor was not caught until after a chase around the house.

The end of commercial television is planned

The group defying Grenada for control of the Northwest airwaves made a strange prophecy: “Commercial television will be killed within a decade.”

Liverpool-based Merseyvision believes British companies will be so strapped for cash in the 1990s that they won’t be able to advertise on TV.

“We believe that the future of British independent television must be based on communities in local areas, supported to a large extent by viewers,” said group secretary Brian Douglas.

Merseyvision wants to create three sub-regions in the Northwest, operating a studio and a production team out of Preston or Blackburn.

Its bid for an ITV franchise is said to be the only one not to be supported by large companies.

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The Provincetown Film Festival begins Wednesday, June 16, at home or in person Wed, 09 Jun 2021 18:45:29 +0000

The first of major local summer film festivals opens Wednesday, June 16, 2021, with one of the summer’s most anticipated films showing at Wellfleet Drive-In, and the chance to watch dozens movies from home, wherever you are.

Organizers call the 23rd Provincetown International Film Festival “multidimensional” because of its hybrid of in-person and virtual offerings of “10 Days of Flawless Cinema.” Home fans can tune in from 6 p.m. Wednesday to potentially watch around 80 films – a mix of feature films and narrative and documentary shorts – available throughout the festival from June 16 to 25.

The shorts are split into two New England programs, comprising films made in Cape Town or with local connections and actors, and two “Queer Shorts” programs.

Fans of the city can reserve limited seats for three dozen films and lectures, much of it at the Route 6 drive-through or Waters Edge Cinema (237 Commercial St.), in advance with e-tickets. . There’s even a pre-festival drive-in showing Tuesday night’s “Give or Take,” which was filmed on Cape Cod, including a pivotal stage at Wellfleet Drive-In.

The festival then officially opens Wednesday evening with a driving screening of Jon M. Chu’s “In the Heights”, based on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical. The “closing film,” premiering June 23-24 and also available online, will be Emily Branham’s documentary “Being BeBe” about performer / musician / TV personality BeBe Zahara Benet.

"Capturing," a Maine film directed by a Watertown native who is described as a "west on the water," will be one of dozens of films available to watch at home or in person at the Provincetown International Film Festival.

Home viewers have access to the movies until June 25 at 11:59 p.m. (Each virtual movie can be started once, but you have 48 hours to view it.)

Three stars will be honored by the Provincetown Festival this year, with virtual conversations with each part of the in-home viewing offered.

The chosen filmmaker on the edge (discussion available June 19) is five-time Oscar nominee Richard Linklater, known for the films “Boyhood”, “Before Sunset” and “Dazed and Confused”. Riz Ahmed, who was nominated for an Oscar this year for “Sound of Metal”, will receive the Excellence in Acting award (discussion available June 19). His new “Mogul Mowgli”, due in US theaters in September, will premiere online from Wednesday and screen at 9:30 p.m. on June 19 at Waters Edge.

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Women do a great job in technical trades, PR business communications Wed, 09 Jun 2021 00:02:00 +0000

Women working in technical or chemical fields were a rather rare phenomenon a few years ago, but it is changing more and more quickly. Proof of this is, for example, the P&G Rakona factory in Rakovnik, where the proportion of women is 29%, and in the management of the factory it reaches 37%!

Procter & Gamble provides a variety of opportunities for women who, along with its suppliers and partners, create jobs for tens of thousands of women around the world – 45% of the 95,000 employees are women.

“Procter & Gamble reaches millions of women around the world with its products and arguably understands women because of it. We are happy that it was emphasized during recruiting that women are not afraid of the tough work challenges that our field brings with them and can solve them very well, ”said Yvette Kroeble, director of the communications company .

This was also demonstrated by Pavlína Pamánková, Capital Manager working in the management of the project department for the production of fabric softeners and washing powders in Rakona. She sums up her career: “I started as an intern in the laundry production department. After a year, I moved on to the position of project manager within the fabric softener packaging department. Over time, I also started leading projects in the pot department and eventually in the production of pots and fabric softeners. By expanding my responsibilities to include capital management. She adds what she loves about the job: “I have had and still have the opportunity to solve various projects, including the introduction of new initiatives. Then I see my results on store shelves. I learned a lot of new things about production and packaging technology. Advance multicultural teams and multidisciplinary and different perspectives on problem solving within projects. Every day is completely different and every day comes new challenges, tasks and experiences. I hate stereotypes and this job doesn’t really deliver. In addition, I lead a great team of people who enrich me. I am so happy to see them. They are improving before my eyes and I love to work as much as I do.

In addition to helping its employees reach their full potential, Procter & Gamble is also launching offshore projects, such as Women4Business, which now operates in certain European countries. Procter & Gamble recognizes that the effects of a coronary heart attack are not felt the same way by everyone and that women can bear the burden of the economic and social consequences disproportionately. Entrepreneurs have to face difficulties both in the economic and family spheres. They often had to juggle administrative tasks with private and family responsibilities. As part of the Women4business project, Procter & Gamble decided to support and connect women entrepreneurs and help them build their capacities, their financing and new business opportunities.

Another P&G initiative is the “Future Leader” initiative, which is conducted annually in لود ód في, Poland, at Gillette’s largest factory and second largest data center. It enables technical students to gain valuable first-hand experience in career planning in these areas, all under the guidance of P&G principals and experts. “I am delighted that women’s interest in careers in technology or production has increased in recent years. We see that our programs, such as Future Leaders, are very useful. Participants appreciate the opportunity to get to know the factory from the inside, to explore its innovations, technologies and a culture based on diversity and inclusion. Thanks to these programs, the proportion of women among our managers has almost doubled in recent years, ”says Agneszka Adamus, Director of Human Resources at Gillette in Lodzi.

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Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife seeks redress for guilty plea Tue, 08 Jun 2021 16:46:37 +0000

MEMPHIS, Tennessee (AP) – A judge reset a hearing Tuesday to respond to a request from the ex-wife of slain NBA player Lorenzen Wright to dismiss his guilty plea in his 2010 murder in Memphis, Tennessee.

Sherra Wright filed for relief from conviction or sentence after her surprise guilty plea for facilitating murder in July 2019. She applied to Shelby County Criminal Court Judge Lee Coffee, who approved her guilty plea in the murder of Lorenzen Wright and sentenced her to 30 years in prison – to hold an evidentiary hearing on her petition.

A hearing was scheduled for Tuesday but was rescheduled by his lawyer and Coffee for July 6.

Sherra Wright alleged her conviction was “unlawfully induced” and entered involuntarily without her understanding the nature and consequences of the plea, her court record showed. Wright claimed that his forced confession was the result of ineffective attorney and that his constitutional rights to due process and protection from self-incrimination had been violated.

Under Tennessee law, a post-conviction relief petition seeks to quash the conviction or sentence or an appeal granted on allegations that the conviction violated the state or the U.S. constitution.

At a hearing in July 2019 to approve the guilty plea, Coffee asked Wright if she was doing it voluntarily and if she understood the charges she was pleading against. She faced a life sentence if found guilty at trial.

In an interview with The Commercial Appeal after her guilty plea, Sherra Wright said she did it for the sake of her children.

Sherra Wright and Billy Ray Turner were charged in December 2017 with first degree murder and conspiracy. Turner’s trial is scheduled for January after two delays. He has previously pleaded guilty to a firearm charge related to the Lorenzen Wright shooting. Turner said he was eager to prove his innocence.

Wright’s murder almost 11 years ago is one of the most high-profile murder cases in Memphis history. It has been the subject of a book and television documentaries.

Wright’s decaying body was found riddled with gunshot wounds in a swampy field east of Memphis on July 28, 2010. Wright, 34, had been missing for 10 days before his body was discovered.

A native of Memphis, the 6-foot, 11-inch Wright played 13 seasons for the Memphis Grizzlies and four other NBA teams. He was taken out of the league when he was killed.

Sherra Wright received $ 1 million from her ex-husband’s life insurance policy. She accepted a settlement in 2014 in a legal dispute over how she spent insurance money intended to benefit their six children.

Turner, a landscaper in the Memphis suburb of Collierville, and Sherra Wright attended the same church. Witnesses said Sherra Wright devised a plan to have Lorenzen Wright killed by two men at his home in Atlanta, but that attempt was unsuccessful, according to an affidavit.

She and Turner then conspired to kill him in Memphis, authorities said.

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Opening bell: Sensex, Nifty opens flat amid mixed global indices; IT stocks are in the lead; decline in finances Tue, 08 Jun 2021 04:08:12 +0000

Indian equity benchmarks opened flat with a positive bias on Tuesday following mixed trading on Asian peers.

At 9:15 a.m., the Sensex opened 0.19%, or 100.21 points higher to 52,428.72, while the Nifty50 index opened at 15,773.90, up 22.25 points, or 0.14%.

The larger markets, Nifty Smallcap100 and Nifty Midcap100, traded higher.

Among sector indices, gains were seen in Nifty IT, Nifty Auto, Nifty Realty and Nifty FMCG while sales were recorded in Metals, Pharmaceuticals and Financials.

NTPC, Wipro, Infosys, HCL Technologies and Tech Mahindra were the main winners, while SBI Life, Hindalco Industries, Tata Steel, Shree Cement and JSW Steel were the main losers in the index.

Indiabulls Housing Finance’s share price gained more than 2% after the company and Indiabulls Commercial Credit entered into a strategic co-lending partnership with the Central Bank of India to offer secured retail loans respectively and loans to MSMEs guaranteed at competitive rates.

On the global front, Asian stocks opened higher on Tuesday, sailing in the wake of a record overnight gauge in global stock markets, with investors hoping for inflation and monetary policy hints later in a full week. of key central bank meetings and data points, a Reuters report said.

Australia’s S & P / ASX 200 rose 0.32%, while Japan’s Nikkei 225 edged up 0.35% as the country revised first-quarter data showing the economy has contracted at a pace slower than initially advertised.

The MSCI index of Asia-Pacific stocks outside Japan rose 0.11%, following the path taken by its global all-country index, which rose 0.1% on Monday, reaching its sixth record of closing in seven days.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index opened 0.4% while China’s benchmark CSI300 opened flat.

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