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Indy 500 TV rating peaks in 5 years

Jake Galstad / Motorsport Images 2.2k actions share Tweeter pin SMS to send E-mail Through Marshal Pruett | June 2, 2021 11:40 a.m. ET Sunday’s Indianapolis 500 was a hit with fans as Helio Castroneves claimed his fourth victory at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and it also resonated with NBC viewers …

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Career change leads to River’s Edge embroidery

MARION – You may have heard it on the radio for years. Then one career ended and another began. It started quite simply – a machine in his basement. It grew to be what it is today: a full-service commercial site with six employees. It’s River’s Edge embroidery, screen printing …

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Michigan online court proceedings here to stay

LANSING – State Court Administrator Thomas Boyd has said that using online platforms such as Zoom to conduct legal proceedings is “the biggest boost to access to justice in our country. life ”and that it will continue long after the end of the coronavirus pandemic. Boyd sent a memo to …

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