Public TV – Cost 278 Tue, 15 Jun 2021 08:22:20 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Public TV – Cost 278 32 32 Olympic Games Organizers To Unveil COVID ‘Playbook’ As IOC Coates Arrives In Tokyo Tue, 15 Jun 2021 07:50:00 +0000

Vice President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Chairman of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Coordination Commission John Coates arrives at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan on June 15, 2021. REUTERS / Issei Kato

Organizers of the Olympics prepared Tuesday to unveil their latest ‘handbook’ of rules for controlling COVID-19 infections as the Japanese government debated whether to extend the state of emergency and the top official Olympics John Coates arrived in Tokyo.

Coates, vice-president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and his event manager, sparked a reaction last month when he said the Games would go ahead even if Tokyo was in a state of emergency due to the pandemic.

The Japanese government plans to end the state of emergency in Tokyo and several other prefectures as scheduled on June 20, but maintains certain restrictions such as restaurant opening hours until the start of the Olympics in July, national media said.

Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura, in charge of Japan’s response to COVID-19, said that with hospital occupancy and infection rates still high, it was too early to speak as if lifting state of emergency was a done deal.

“Now is the time to call on the public, to suppress infections and to take initiatives for a stable supply of hospital beds,” he said. A decision on the emergency could be made as early as Thursday, media reported.

Organizers’ rules, known as the “playbook,” already require athletes and others to wear masks in most situations and frequent testing for COVID-19. Athletes and members of the media, whose travel will be restricted, will be subject to GPS monitoring for the first 14 days of their stay in Japan.

The latest update was due to be announced later Tuesday.

Around 11,000 athletes and 78,000 journalists, officials and staff are expected to attend the Games.

Japan has not suffered from explosive outbreaks seen elsewhere but has still recorded more than 772,000 cases and more than 14,000 deaths.

A slow rollout of immunization, although accelerating recently, means that only 13% of the population has received at least one injection.


An online survey of companies from June 1-9 by think-tank Tokyo Shoko Research showed 64% were in favor of canceling or postponing the Games due to concerns such as the spread of the virus and the slowness of vaccinations. Almost 60% said it would hurt their business, but just over 40% expected a positive impact.

Olympic Minister Tamayo Marukawa told a press conference that Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) will provide doses of its COVID-19 vaccine to an additional 20,000 people involved in the Olympics and Paralympics, the agency reported. Kyodo press, doubling the amount previously pledged by the United States. pharmaceutical firm.

Some 80% of qualified athletes have already been vaccinated and the IOC is pushing to increase the number.

Japan’s often uneven response to the coronavirus has eroded support for Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

A survey by public broadcaster NHK showed 37% approved of his government compared to 45% who disapproved, the highest rate of disapproval since taking office last September.

More than two-thirds were not convinced by his explanation of why the Games should be held or how they would be secure.

Just under a third wanted the Games canceled while 61% wanted either a cap on spectators or no spectators at all. Organizers have already decided not to allow overseas spectators and will appeal to domestic spectators later this month.

Reflecting the role of money in moving forward decisions, NBCUniversal chief executive Jeff Shell said on Monday that the event could be the highest-grossing Olympics in NBC history. NBCUniversal, owned by Comcast Corp (CMCSA.O), paid $ 7.65 billion to extend its U.S. broadcast rights for the Olympics through 2032.

The Games could be an opportunity for diplomacy. Japanese newspaper Yomiuri said South Korean President Moon Jae-In is planning a visit to Japan on the occasion of the Games, and Seoul hopes Moon will hold his first talks with Suga at that time. Read more

Japan’s top government spokesperson, however, denied that a summit was being prepared amid a row over islets claimed by the two countries. Read more

Relations between South Korea and Japan have deteriorated in recent years due to disputes over islets, the history of war and trade.

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Mayor’s budget pushes for more public safety, no planned increase in property tax rate Sun, 13 Jun 2021 18:01:16 +0000

The mayor will present his proposal to city council at 1:30 p.m. Monday.

LINCOLN, Neb. (KLKN) – Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird has released her budget proposal for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. She will present her proposal to city council at 1:30 p.m. Monday.


The budget proposed by the mayor emphasizes the restoration and renewal

No planned increase in the property tax rate

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird said his proposed budget for fiscal year 2021-2022 invests in services, programs and infrastructure that will fuel economic recovery and develop a prosperous future for Lincoln. She said these investments can be made without increasing the property tax rate due to four factors over the past year:

  • Solid management by municipal directors
  • The hard work and commitment to quality services of City employees
  • An economy in recovery, fueled by difficult but smart choices made in the 2020-21 budget
  • Timely assistance from federal and state governments

The mayor will present his proposal to city council at 1:30 p.m. on Monday, June 14.

“Last year, when developing the budget, we made smart and difficult choices to ensure the safety and health of the community as well as to deal with the economic impacts of the pandemic,” said Mayor Gaylor. Baird. “Faced with these extraordinary challenges, we have encountered the moment. Now, as we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, this year’s budget is focused on the future – a future of restoration and renewal.

The city adopted a two-year budget cycle in 2012, but last year Mayor Gaylor Baird called on city council to take action to authorize one-year budgets for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 in order to enable the city to respond more adequately to changes in income. and the needs of the community.

Gaylor Baird said the budget reflects these five values ​​and goals and includes the following:

Protect the health and safety of all Lincoln families

  • Additional public security employees: five police officers and one school resources officer for the new high school; a 911 dispatcher; three firefighters, an assistant fire chief and an administrative assistant LFR
  • Ongoing funding for five professionals from the Ministry of Health
  • Ongoing investment to serve residents struggling with mental health issues

Develop a dynamic urban economy and quality of life

  • Libraries: full service retained
  • Parks: increased funding for maintenance; continued repairs to playgrounds and hard surfaces; safe reopening of recreation centers, playgrounds and swimming pools
  • Ongoing contributions to the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development for business recruitment and retention, workforce development and entrepreneurship support
  • Service leadership Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, providing job search and vocational training opportunities for adults, displaced workers and youth
  • Creation of a Ticket to Work program to connect residents with disabilities to employment
  • Development of a business services representative to help local businesses meet workforce needs

Create a more equitable and inclusive community

  • Creation of a diversity, equity and inclusion administrator to ensure that city hall reflects and can meet the needs of diverse members of the community
  • Support affordable housing by removing barriers to building quality infill housing, expanding areas eligible for a $ 5,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers, and creating a rental rehabilitation program
  • Housing and public services assistance
  • Services from Enhanced Aging Partners, including support for the Victory Park project and continuation of the NeighborLNK program

Build a strong and resilient Lincoln

  • Investments in repair, rehabilitation and construction of streets
  • Financing of a public transport development plan and purchase of four adapted transport vehicles using alternative fuel
  • Support for cycle paths, markings and trails and doubling of funding for the sidewalks program
  • Investments in water infrastructure, including replacement of meters and mains, repairs to wellfields and preparations to secure a new source of water supply
  • Continued investments in the treatment and recovery of the emerald ash borer

Foster the city’s innovative and excellent operations

  • Reinforced cybersecurity
  • Support teleworking capabilities and operational efficiency and standards
  • Updates and expansion of digital communication and information systems

The city’s property tax will remain at 31.980 cents per $ 100 of assessed assessment. This works out to $ 576 in municipal property tax for the owner of a $ 180,000 home. Of every dollar of property tax, the City’s share is about 16 cents. The total tax-funded budget increases from $ 210.95 million in the current fiscal year to $ 224.5 million in 2021-2021.

The city’s number of employees increased by only 13.5 FTEs, from 2,245.5 FTEs in 2005-2006 to 2,259 FTEs in 2021-2022, although Lincoln added more than 45,000 residents during this period.

The city council’s public hearing on the budget is on Monday, August 3, and the council is expected to adopt the budget on August 24. More information on the city’s budget is available at

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The Evansville Trail Link Study Team will organize a public charrette Sun, 13 Jun 2021 03:09:17 +0000

CASPER, Wyoming (press release) – The Casper Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), in coordination with the City of Evansville and the Wyoming Department of Transportation, will host a public design charrette on Thursday evening, June 24 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. : 00 pm.

The purpose of the cart is to determine the potential location of a new public trail connecting Evansville to the Casper Rail Trail south of the Yellowstone Freeway (US-20/26). A charrette is a hands-on, design-based workshop intended to bring together community members with development professionals to explore options for a particular project or area.

Starting at 5:00 p.m., consultants from Western Research and Development will host a presentation on possible alignments, based on their research to date. For the remainder of the evening, large-scale aerial maps will be available for citizens, staff and city officials to define preferred routes.

The charrette will take place at the Evansville Community Center, 71 Curtis Street, and citizens are welcome to come anytime. The slides will be presented continuously throughout the evening and the mapping exercise continues during the charrette.

“Public input is an extremely important aspect of MPO’s planning projects, and this charrette will allow interested citizens of Evansville and the surrounding community to have a say in where this trail is going. Said Renee Hardy, MPO technician.

For more information on the trail study, check out Evansville Trail Linkage Study on Facebook, email, or call Western Research and Development directly at 307-632-5656. For more information or to arrange special accommodations for people with disabilities, please contact Jeremy Yates at the phone number above.

If required documentos o ayuda en español acerca de este proyecto, lláme al Casper Area MPO at 307-235-8255.

Copyright 2021 Wyoming News Now. All rights reserved.

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CDC drops mask mandate for outdoor transit Sat, 12 Jun 2021 03:26:00 +0000

Before the change in guidelines, masks were to remain mandatory until September 13.

TYLER, Texas – Another mask requirement is getting the boot. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has decided to allow those in areas outside of public transportation to remove their masks. This includes places like ferries, open air carts, outside of airports and bus stations.

Tyler resident Carlos Williams was waiting for the Tyler Transit green line shuttle.

Responding to the new guidelines, he said, “I like it. I appreciate it, myself. And I believe many other Tylerites will appreciate it too.

Williams is open to change, but said his mask will remain on hand.

“You know what, I’ll probably still wear the mask.” Just being aware of the situations, I will probably still wear it from time to time, ”he said.

Brayden Maynard had just gotten off the bus. The news was particularly well received for him as he suffers from medical respiratory impairment.

“It’s a relief to sit outside without a mask and then once I get on the bus the air conditioning that works helps me,” he said.

Before the change in CDC guidelines, masks were to remain mandatory until September 13. Even now, local travel authorities wish to stress that this only applies to outdoor spaces. If you want to board a Tyler Transit bus for example, the mantra remains: No mask, no entry.

And while it’s no longer needed, the CDC still recommends that those who aren’t fully vaccinated keep their masks on in outdoor staging areas.

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Records: Why the County Encrypted More Radio Channels Fri, 11 Jun 2021 14:10:56 +0000

(Update at 10:35 am) A request for public recordings sheds light on how the Arlington County Police Department justified a change in what the public can hear on police radio stations.

ARLnow’s Freedom of Information Act investigation uncovered documents about the department’s March change to encrypt more radio chatter. The documents cited safety and security concerns, some related to last summer’s protests for police reform and the violation of the United States Capitol on January 6.

While the public – including news outlets like ARLnow and local TV stations – could previously hear more details about an ongoing police incident in Arlington, now, in most cases, only the initial dispatch and basic scene information can be heard.

“Once a service call is stabilized, it can be moved to an encrypted channel to protect the personal and confidential information of members of the public interacting with law enforcement and for tactical, operational and security reasons. ‘investigation,’ Arlington Police spokeswoman Ashley Savage said. in an email.

Authorities drafted a policy and created a memo in February after a task force focused on police radio trafficking clarified the details and the department’s now-permanent police chief Charles “Andy” Penn said. wrote that he expected “questions / complaints” about the encryption.

The February 23 police memo explains why the department encrypted an administrative channel and clarifies that other channels were also encrypted, including special operations for presidential and dignitary escorts and other special events, the operational channel of a civil unrest unit, a frequently used channel, a “chat” channel allowing incident scene officers to communicate with each other, and an outreach zone channel involving school resource officers.

Authorities shared their reasoning in wanting to encrypt more strings, noting that police in Illinois and Texas heard on their radios the hip-hop group NWA’s anti-police song – apparently transmitted by someone with access to a radio capable of broadcasting on police channels – amid nationwide protests following the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis in May 2020.

“During the summer of 2020, protests and civil unrest across the country highlighted the growing threat to public safety communications and exposed its shortcomings,” an email said. “The Dallas and Chicago factions have targeted these vulnerabilities by streaming music over unencrypted radio stations, preventing legitimate use. This kind of tactic threatens both public safety personnel, who depend on the radio to communicate with each other, and the general public, who are potentially at risk during an incident.

An Arlington County document also said the deadly Jan.6 riots on Capitol Hill also involved bad actors trying to gain access to police radio systems to cause disruption. Further details were not given in emails obtained by ARLnow, some of which were redacted.

“We also took into consideration the events of January 6 when we witnessed bad actors actively trying to access radio systems to cause disruption,” an email said.

When asked about the alleged police radio incident on January 6, Savage said in an email Wednesday that they were not aware of what was happening on CAPD’s own channels. In DC, the Metropolitan Police Department also noted that they had not observed this.

But the CAPD emails cite unspecified incidents in which individuals used police transmissions to create disruption.

“We have seen many occasions where individuals have created problems for first responders by gaining access to information transmitted through unencrypted channels,” the department said when drafting its policy. “This includes, but is not limited to, people coming onto the scene and disrupting or causing delays in the processing of the call.”

Without the additional encryption, authorities say criminals could be warned in advance of police actions, citizens could arrive at the scene before emergency responders, and the tactics and movements of the forces. order could be compromised.

Savage said all service calls sent, including emergencies such as an armed robbery or school shooting, are broadcast on the main radio channel, which is unencrypted and available for surveillance. by the media or interested members of the public, using either commercially available scanner radios, online services or smartphone applications.

Savage noted that the department shares information about some police incidents through daily reports, one online crime map, Arlington Open data portal, Press Releases and Arlington Alert for emergency notifications in the event of threats to public safety and traffic disruptions.

“Recognizing that the circumstances of each incident are unique, officers and supervisors have the discretion to conduct an ongoing investigation over a secondary channel to protect the privacy of parties involved, ensure the integrity of operations and investigations, and reduce unintentional disclosure of tactical information, ”Savage said, noting that the department is committed to transparency.

“While some may view encryption of radio channels as a way to limit public access to government operations, encryption is designed to regulate the timing and flow of information while minimizing the security concerns faced by individuals. citizens, public safety personnel and the community over a continuous and fluid period. incident, ”a county document said.

Right to privacy

Arlington officials were aware of the public’s interest in knowing about his involvement on a stage as well as privacy concerns.

This included a communications officer from the county’s public safety and emergency management communications department, who helped draft the policy and had met with a debate in Montgomery County, Md., Over the encryption of police, with Leonzo Williams, a retired Fairfax County Police Major, noting concerns.

In a shared forum for officials, a California police lieutenant also shared last December that his state’s Justice Department was requiring an encryption plan by the end of 2020, citing issues with personally identifiable information.

In a document, Arlington County also said their past practices violated the privacy rights in accordance with the requirements of the National Crime Information Center.

“The balance between transparency and the public’s right to know and the individual’s right to privacy and personal security is paramount in our discussion,” Arlington County said when writing its Politics. “In the cyber world, the transmission of an individual’s personal information and / or address makes them vulnerable.

Some emails address concerns about the interoperability between Arlington’s encrypted channels and other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, which may not have the necessary encryption keys to communicate with agents. Arlington at the scene. These issues were being addressed with a “National Capital Region Interoperable Encryption Plan” that enables interagency communication using an older encryption standard.

“Several of our alternative channels remain unencrypted, which allows us to communicate effectively with our regional partners during incidents requiring a multi-jurisdictional response,” also notes an e-mail.

The county acknowledged that regardless of the new encryption, the information would still be subject to public scrutiny.

“Although communications encryption prevents immediate recovery by the listener, all radio traffic in the Arlington County system is recorded and retrievable through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or internal investigations, so that any media or public inquiry [is] correctly answered and radio recordings provided.

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Republican city and county councilors call for more public safety meetings – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana weather Fri, 11 Jun 2021 02:51:00 +0000

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Mayor Joe Hogsett’s $ 3 million plan to tackle crime in Indianapolis is now in the hands of the county city council, but Republicans in the legislative group say they and other leaders in the city ​​need to act faster.

On Wednesday, the Republican County Council Caucus sent a letter to Leroy Robinson, head of the council’s public safety and criminal justice committee, and called on the Democrat to hold more group meetings to tackle rising crime.

In a Wednesday night meeting, the committee voted to send Mayor Joe Hogsett’s safety plan to the entire city-county council with a recommendation for adoption. expenditure measurement. The mayor’s announcement of the measure took place the same day Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police base members voted unanimously to declare the city in crisis of crime, violence and trust.

Hogsett’s plan calls for more than $ 2 million to be spent on programs, including so-called violence interrupters and community resources. Another $ 1.5 million would go to law enforcement technology. The board could approve the measure at the group’s next meeting in July; no one has publicly suggested meeting earlier to tackle the growing violence.

Republican city-county councilor Paul Annee, the minority whip, said the goal was mediation, a mark the city cannot afford to miss. “We recognize that we haven’t given any solutions for today and that’s why we think everyone should come to the table,” Annee said.

Republican Brian Mowery, the minority leader, said working together was the only way out. “My hope is that we actually see a better Indianapolis for the future, and we’re actually starting to curb some of that violence because our city is in a state of crisis right now. “

It’s a crisis that Indianapolis police say is killing the city’s youth.

DeAndra Yates was at Wednesday night’s meeting. “According to last night’s meeting, those shot, murdered and injured are between 20 and 29 years old,” she said Thursday.

Yates’ life is forever changed because of gun violence; Six years ago, her son was seriously injured in a drive-by shooting while at a birthday party. Today, she hopes to see investment in the problem, but said it would take more than money.

“If you have a little gift or talent to bring to this, no person, no organization can solve this problem, so it’s a collective effort on our part to decide to put our egos aside and just tie our arms. and see how we can be a better change for our city, ”Yates said.

The two advisers told News 8 that they had not heard from Robinson about holding additional meetings. He did not respond to News 8’s requests for comment on Thursday. Robinson declined to discuss the letter Wednesday night at the committee meeting because he had not seen it yet.

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Global Educational Television Market Analysis 2021-2026 by Major Key Players such as Discovery Inc., TV Ontario, NASA TV, The Annenberg Channel, Public Broadcasting Service, etc. – KSU Thu, 10 Jun 2021 13:33:30 +0000

Education Television Market Report Coverage: Key growth factors and challenges, regional segmentation and outlook, key industry trends and opportunities, competitive analysis, COVID-19[female[feminine Impact analysis and expected recovery, and market sizing and forecasting.

Latest research launched on Global Educational television market, it provides detailed analysis with presentable charts, tables and tables. This report covers an in-depth study of the Educational TV market size, growth and share, trends, consumption, segments, applications and forecast 2027. With qualitative and quantitative analysis, we bring you to assist in a thorough and comprehensive research on the global educational television market. This report has been prepared by experienced and knowledgeable market analysts and researchers. Each section of the research study is specially prepared to explore key aspects of the global educational television market. Buyers of the report will have access to specific information PILON, SWOT and other types of analysis on the global Educational Television Market. In addition, it offers very precise estimates on the CAGR, market share and market size of key regions and countries.

The major key players described in the report include: Discovery Inc., TV Ontario, NASA TV, The Annenberg Channel, Public Broadcasting Service, Dish TV, Tata Sky and more…

Download a free sample PDF including COVID-19[FEMALE[FEMININE Impact analysis, full table of contents, tables and figures @

Don’t miss out on business opportunities in the Educational Television market. Speak to our analyst and get key industry insights that will help your business grow when you create sample PDF reports.

Segment analysis:
The report categorized the global educational television market into segments comprising product type and application. Each segment is evaluated based on share and growth rate. In addition, analysts looked at potential regions that could prove rewarding for educational television manufacturers in the years to come. The regional analysis includes reliable predictions on value and volume, helping market players to acquire in-depth insight into the overall Educational Television industry.

Market segment by type, covers:
A service

Market segment by applications, can be divided into:

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The authors of the report analyzed developing and developed regions considered for research and analysis of the Global Educational Television Market. The regional analysis section of the report provides in-depth research study on different regional and national educational television industries to help players plan effective expansion strategies.

Regions covered by the global educational television market:
The Middle East and Africa (GCC countries and Egypt)
North America (United States, Mexico and Canada)
South America (Brazil etc …)
Europe (Turkey, Germany, Russia UK, Italy, France, etc.)
Asia Pacific (Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Australia)

Years considered to estimate the market size:
Year of history: 2015-2019
Year of reference : 2019
Estimated year: 2021
Forecast year: 2021-2026

Detailed Table of Contents of Educational Television Market 2021-2026:
Chapter 1: Overview of the educational television market
Chapter 2: Economic impact on industry
chapter 3: Market competition by manufacturers
Chapter 4: Production, income (value) by region
Chapter 5: Supply (Production), Consumption, Export, Import by region
Chapter 6: Production, Turnover (Value), Price trend by type
Chapter 7: Market Analysis by Application
Chapter 8: Analysis of manufacturing costs
Chapter 9: Industrial chain, sourcing strategy and downstream buyers
Chapter 10: Marketing strategy analysis, Distributors / Merchants
Chapter 11: Analysis of market effect factors
Chapter 12: Educational Television Market Forecast

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What market dynamics does this report cover?
The report shares key information on:

  • Current market size
  • Market forecast
  • Market opportunities
  • Key factors and constraints
  • Regulatory scenario
  • Industry trend
  • New product approvals / launches
  • Promotion and marketing actions
  • Price Analysis
  • Competitive landscape

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Rochester expands free parking at city center public ramps Wed, 09 Jun 2021 20:37:57 +0000

Photo: City of Rochester, Minnesota.

Updated: 09 Jun 2021 15:45
Created: Jun 09, 2021 3:37 PM

(ABC 6 News) – The City of Rochester is encouraging visitors to downtown by expanding a popular free parking program.

Until the end of the year, all parking sessions of less than two hours in public ramps are free.

Previously, the city waived parking fees if customers entered and exited the ramp within an hour. By increasing the limit for one free screening, the City is encouraging downtown visitors to make an extra stop and visit a retail, food or entertainment establishment.

The program was developed after a series of listening sessions downtown. Business owners have expressed the need to boost activity after such a long period of restrictions due to COVID-19.

The City of Rochester supports businesses in the heart of the city by providing on-street, above ground and structured parking for visitors and commuters. Special care is taken to ensure that there is parking available for short-term visitors who wish to shop, dine, do business or recreate themselves in our bustling city center.

To take advantage of the extended free parking period, customers must get in and out within two hours. Customers can stay beyond two hours but will be responsible for paying the parking fee which will include the cost of the first two hours.

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‘Lots of anxiety’ for Democrats as Biden agenda stalls – WSB-TV Channel 2 Tue, 08 Jun 2021 02:50:00 +0000

WASHINGTON – (AP) – Hopes for a big infrastructure investment waver. An ambitious elections and bill is anything but dead. Laws on police brutality, gun control and immigration have stalled.

After six months of Democratic control in Washington, the progressive wing of the party becomes increasingly agitated as campaign pledges are rescinded – blocked not only by Republican obstruction, but also by the Democrats’ own inability to act. unite fully around the priorities.

The time ahead is crucial for President Joe Biden and his allies in Congress to seize what some see as a transformative time for rebuild the economy and reshape the country.

“There is a lot of anxiety,” said Representative Ro Khanna, D-Ca., Who had been co-chair of Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidacy. “It’s really a question for President Biden: what kind of president does he want to be? “

The summer working period has traditionally been among the busiest for Congress, but has become particularly steep this year as Democrats scramble to stick to Biden’s agenda. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has warned his colleagues that June “will test our resolve.” Infrastructure talks are dragging on, though Biden is expected to meet again on Tuesday with Senator Shelley Moore Capito, the Republican top negotiator. But the limits of bipartisanship in the 50-50 Senate are becoming more and more precise.

The party suffered a debilitating blow over the weekend when Senator Joe Manchin, DW.Va., announced his opposition to the voting bill, entitled S.1 because it is a top priority of the party. Many Democrats see it as essential to protect democracy and a direct response to restrictive new election laws passed in Republican-led states, encouraged by former President Donald Trump.

“Am I feeling discouraged? Yes, ”said Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, warning of failing to keep promises. “We are going to lose voters for a generation. “

Schumer, in setting the agenda, challenges senators to be prepared to make tough choices. But he also faces a test of his own ability to lead the Big Tent Party through a volatile period of shifting priorities and tactics in the wake of the Trump era and the Capitol uprising.

As Democratic senators have generated goodwill by scrutinizing bipartisan bills in the equally divided Senate, they face increasing pressure from voters who nominated them to fight harder for legislation with which Republicans are determined to block. obstruction. Democrats have the advantage in the Senate because Vice President Kamala Harris can break the tie.

Fed up with the delays, some senators are ready to change the rules to eliminate the filibuster, which they accuse of inaction. The long term Senate rules on filibuster require 60 votes to move most laws forward, meaning up to 10 Republicans would have to cross party lines to help Democrats meet their priorities. Some senators propose to reduce the voting threshold to 51.

But Manchin, in announcing on Sunday his opposition to the franchise bill as the “wrong piece of legislation to bring our country together,” also reaffirmed his refusal to end the filibuster – for now, refusing to his party needed a crucial vote to set the rules. change that could help move his agenda forward.

Leading civil rights figures including Reverend Al Sharpton and Marc Morial are scheduled to meet with Manchin in Washington on Tuesday. Biden urged them to visit the senator to discuss the voting bill and the legislative agenda. He encouraged them to keep the conversation constructive and not to pressure the senator – at least not yet, according to a person familiar with the discussion but not authorized to speak of private conversations.

While Manchin has spoken of supporting another voting bill, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, S.1 advocates say both pieces of legislation are needed. Biden agrees Congress should move forward with the two, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday.

At the same time, Democratic groups supporting S.1 have vowed to continue a $ 30 million campaign urging Democratic senators to rewrite the filibuster rules and pass the bill, including with ads. televised in West Virginia from Manchin.

But it’s not just Manchin who opposes changing obstruction laws. Without the support of him or other defenders of filibuster, like Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Arizona, Democratic senators will be forced to face the limits of their fragile majority. If Democrats decided to go it alone on the big infrastructure bill, when talks with Republican senators stagnate, they should be united because they would no longer have a voice to spare.

Failure to deliver on campaign promises that are popular with voters could exacerbate party divisions and expose Democrats to criticism from their own ranks as well as Republicans keen to show Biden’s party cannot rule.

“We have to make things happen,” said Yvette Simpson, CEO of Democracy for America, a liberal rights organization.

“We told everyone to come out against the odds of the pandemic and vote,” she said of the 2020 election. The promise was that with the Democrats in power, “we’re going to see all of them. these great things happen, their life is going to be better. And what they find is that it looks like Washington as usual.

Schumer has laid the groundwork for this moment since becoming majority leader in January, trying to prove that bipartisanship can work in some cases – with the passing of an Asian hate crimes bill or d ‘a public works package on the water. But he also recognizes that he has limits, according to two Democratic assistants on condition of anonymity to discuss private strategy.

The Democrats’ weekly closed-door political caucus lunches have been intense, especially during the two special sessions they held to privately debate the way forward for the voting rights bill, said one of the assistants.

Rather than forcing reluctant senators to line up, Schumer is trying to drive Democrats to their own conclusion – either bipartisan deals with Republicans are possible, or they have no choice but to go it alone on infrastructure. or other priorities, said the assistants.

One contributor suggested Schumer was not a leader like Lyndon Johnson, who, before becoming president, was famous for his harsh cajoling as a majority leader.

Khanna said the president, however, can have a big role. “This would be his LBJ moment – can he pick up the phone and use his magic to rally his Democrats?”


Associated Press editors Jonathan Lemire and Brian Slodysko contributed to this report.

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Laura Knoy Retires and NHPR’s The Exchange Retires With Her | Local News Mon, 07 Jun 2021 15:30:00 +0000

CONCORD – After 25 years of existence, New Hampshire’s public radio morning talk show The Exchange will be cut off when host Laura Knoy leaves on Thursday, the most visible of a number of changes made by the station as she faces a tighter post-pandemic financial picture.

“The best way to think about it is this: It’s a way to align our resources with our long-term strategy,” Jim Schachter, president and CEO of the Concord-based station, said Friday. “We aim to be an organization that we can support from operations. Some of the growth in the past has been fueled by large one-off fundraising campaigns. “

Knoy, one of New Hampshire’s best-known journalists (and Keene High School graduate), announced her retirement early last month, saying she had wanted to step down after the 2020 presidential election but that ‘she felt she should stay during the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic. Knoy has hosted the program – she balances interviews, panelist banter, and listeners’ calls for an hour – four to five mornings a week, since the program began in 1995.

Until Schachter’s Friday announcement went out, many believed a new host would be found and the program would continue. Knoy declined to comment on Friday.

The exchange operates from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on weekdays except Friday. Starting Monday, June 14, NHPR will move the Morning Edition, a news program that includes some national and local segments, to one hour to cover that time slot.

Other decisions will be made later, including whether or not to maintain the Weekly News Roundup show which occupies The Exchange time slot on Fridays, according to a memo from Schachter.

The memo said the station will not fire anyone but will use the team that produces The Exchange for other shows. About 60 to 70 people work at the station.

He also noted the complexity of integrating the station’s podcasts into operations. Shows like “Bear Brook”, “Civic 101” and “Outside / In” have garnered nationwide attention and praise but, like many podcasts, have struggled to attract donations as can live radio broadcasts. This has left the NHPR with a dilemma common to news agencies: absorbing the cost of developing new media to attract future audiences even though old media remains the best generator of revenue and current audiences.

“The financial health of NHPR depends more than any long term on audience growth,” Schachter said. “It means having the resources available to invest in new ways to reach audiences on new platforms. On demand, anytime, anywhere, you want to consume news and information – that’s how people use news and information today.

The memo to staff explained: “On a more regular and systematic basis, we will bring the work of our podcast teams to Morning Edition and All Things Considered, recognizing that these programs – with their large audiences and rich mix of and NPR content – are our best radio vehicles for expanding the reach and impact of our journalism.

New Hampshire Public Radio has been one of the stars of the state’s media landscape in recent years, adding staff and innovative programming even as the number of reporters dwindles at regional newspapers, other radio stations and television. But the pandemic has hit public broadcasting hard: An analysis by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting released on Friday said the revenues of the country’s public television and radio stations fell by $ 147 million in fiscal year 2020, with a sharp drop in corporate subscription and foundation support crushing 5% increase in auditor donations.

Beth Walsh, vice president of system strategies at CPB, told a presentation at the Public Media Business Association’s annual conference that many stations were concerned that donors “react at a time” and may give less to the future, according to a report in The Current, a trade journal that covers public media.

The NHPR changes appear to be aimed at budgeting around the donations of listeners, which tend to be relatively stable, rather than the grants and underwriting of a relatively small number of businesses and nonprofits.

The station’s most recent financial statement shows $ 4.24 million in “public support,” compared to corporate subscriptions or foundation donations, which is more than half of the $ 7.74 million. total donation dollars. “Podcast revenue” was only $ 131,101, although that does not include donations made to the station by listeners inspired after hearing podcasts such as “Civics 101”, “Outside / In” or “Bear Brook”.

The station’s tax return showed $ 8.8 million in total spending. Its year-end net assets fell about 9%, from $ 7.9 million to $ 7.2 million for the year.

“We strive to be something that pays for itself year on year – that’s the resource constraint in which we operate,” Schachter said.

He said no changes were going to be made to NHPR’s broadcast and support facilities atop an office building at 2 Pillsbury St.

Schachter was hired as CEO in September 2019 after seven years as vice president of news at the nation’s largest public radio station, WYNC in New York City, and two decades at the New York Times before that. He replaced Betsy Gardella, who led the NHPR for over a dozen years before her retirement in 2018.

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