Discovery Goes Into Buyable TV As It Seeks To Make Streaming More Interactive

Discovery has introduced several new advertising features for its streaming services, including purchasable ads, as it seeks to help brands reach younger audiences and drive consumer engagement.

For the first time, Discovery will allow viewers to purchase products that align with its library of food and home programming through their television screens. The ads will feature a QR code that will direct the viewer to a site where they can purchase items from the ad.

It comes as other traditional media companies are entering the e-commerce space, finding new opportunities to help brands drive sales. NBCUniversal was an early adopter of purchasable TV, and last week the company announced a new augmented reality online store as well as a live shopping show.

Discovery is also adopting other familiar ad formats for its streaming services, such as providing an ad-free experience for viewers who binge shows, and the ability to interact with viewers when they pause a program. Both formats are similar to offerings on platforms like Hulu and Peacock.

Other new offerings include so-called “Green-Light” ads, which allow marketers to make their ad appear to be the very first ad all viewers see when they watch Discovery +, as well as “High-” ads. Light ”, which allow advertisers to own the first commercial of a given program.

Discovery also unveils a selection of advertising products that allow marketers to refine exactly where their creations take place; its “Marquee Collections” offering, for example, will allow advertisers to select collections of episodes in which their ads will run, as well as the ability to match the ads with certain words and phrases that appear in the lineup, such as “ ice cream ”or“ garage door ”.

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