Former ‘6,7,8’ Orlando Barone to charge $15 million for lawsuit on Public TV

Baron of Orlando He wins a lawsuit against Public TV and will collect 15 million pesos, payable in six instalments. The lawsuit was filed in September 2016 against Radio and Television Argentina (RTA) and the production company Pensando para Televisión (PPT), after the journalist felt fired after the end of 6,7,8, the cycle in which he worked. Previously, he claimed to continue receiving his salary of $53,240 ($44,000 plus VAT).

the “Payment Agreement”to which he had exclusive access Bugle and which journalist Alejandro Alfie describes in detail in an article, establishes that the state corporation is paying a total of $15,052,343 to the expansionist, $3,551,600 to avocado Leandro Recalde and $903,141 to the accountant. In total, 4.6 million dollars have already been paid.

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Barone has already collected a $2.5 million fee. It is expected that next Monday a total of 3.7 million pesos will be paid, part of which will go to the journalist and the other to his legal representative, who is the brother of Senator Kirchnerist Mariano Recalde and belongs to the cabinet of lawyers Héctor Recalde, former block leader of the Front for Victory deputies.

When news broke that the journalist had decided to file a lawsuit, another reason that emerged was that he was unable to practice his profession because he was singled out for his work in the official propaganda program.

Why public television assumes the payment of 15 million pesos to Orlando Barone

This judgment of Justice has a “solidarity” legal character. In other words, the payment of the penalty must be the responsibility of both PPT, the production company created by Diego Gvirtzlike the public company, today in charge of Rosario Lufrano. However, since for the injured party it is immaterial which party receives the payment, Barone chose to demand payment from RTA. A question that is repeated in this type of test: always go against who is the most solvent.

According to the judgment of the National Labor Appeals ChamberPPT had to pay “$3,947,119” in compensation to Baroneplus interest, for which the state corporation RTA was jointly and severally liable, up to the sum of $3,787,399.

“6,7,8” aired between 2009 and 2015. (Photo: Capture TV Pública)

Orlando Barone will receive a millionaire sum in compensation after being tied to the activist journalism program for six years. ISAnother of the members of the cycle who would be in full trial for the same reason is Edgardo Mocca.

PPT was acquired in 2015 by Grupo Índalo, from businessmen Cristóbal López and Fabián de Sousa -who are involved in multiple criminal investigations-. At the time, it turned out that the acquisition was for less than $2 million.

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