Free smoke detectors available to residents of Lexington, Henderson Co.

LEXINGTON, Tenn. “A small device could save your life, and the Lexington Fire Department will install them for free.

“They’re not as easily accessible as old alarms, where you can just remove the battery and put it in your child’s toy,” Amber Crawford said with the Lexington Fire Department. “They are pre-sealed and secure. Practically, you call us at any time and we come and install them.

Crawford says they have over 100 fire alarms available, and those alarms should last for several years.

“These are supposed to stay in place for 10 years,” Crawford said. “We had no problems with them. We just replaced them in a lady’s house the other day. We had it installed in 2013 and it was ready to be changed again.

Crawford says those extra few minutes after alarm alerts can be crucial to getting out, and she says since they started installing it has been effective.

“We had 3,777 alarms installed and there were two documented backups on homes we had been to. It was in 2016 and 2017. One of them went to bed and they were cooking. It woke them up, alerted them, and let them out of the house.

She says the Shut the Door campaign has also had an impact on how many smoke alarms you need inside your home and where they should be placed.

“Close the door when you sleep, close the door when you leave. If there is a fire, close the door behind you to try to smother the fire. With this campaign also came a new directive for the installation of detectors, where they want you to have one inside and outside the bedroom,” Crawford said.

Crawford says just give them a call and they’ll make sure you have the proper fire safety.

If you are a resident of Lexington or Henderson County and would like more information about installing an alarm, call:

  • Lexington: (731) 968-8219
  • Henderson County: (731) 968-4153

For more information on the Henderson County area, click here.

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