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Colleen Halberg said she looks forward to events with nonprofits. Photo via EP! VS

Some people know what they want to be growing up; doctors, professors, lawyers, etc.

Halberg said she enjoyed being with people and started at Illinois Wesleyan as a sociology scholar, but her mother suggested she should double major in business. While working on campus in the development office, she got her first experience in philanthropy.

“I really see fundraising as a service, and I love it,” said Halberg.

Halberg received her Masters in Institutional Advancement and Administration in 1993 from Bradley, where she worked from 1989 to 1993 as Director of Gifts and Major Gifts.

His new position is with the non-profit organization EP! C as Director of Donor Engagement and Major Gifts. At the time of publication, she has been working for the organization for three weeks and has felt welcomed into the environment.

His new career matches his interest in human interactions and surrender. The organization supports people with intellectual disabilities through tailor-made programs in the Peoria area.

“I really see this position as the cornerstone of my career,” said Halberg. “I’ve had different positions with different types of missions over the years and this one really speaks to my heart and my passion for people and serving people.

Maurice Bresnahan, CEO of WTVP, recalls Halberg working with the station as director of development. He said she had the authenticity that brought followers to the public broadcaster.

“When someone lives out their own personal values, it helps communicate the sense of the organization’s mission,” Bresnahan said. “Colleen believes in the institution she works for, then public television and EP! C now.”

Her work in various fundraising positions has led Halberg to see programs hold up and grow through community funding, which she believes can leave an impact however small.

Since EP! C uses public funds, Halberg reaches out to as many donors who can help fund his programs.

“I believe we can all support [EP!C] financially, be it $ 10 per month, $ 100 or $ 500 per month; I’m very attached to this, ”said Halberg. “It’s a message I want to get across, it’s important to give back.”

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