Guy Fieri rules Flavortown in Bud Light’s new Super Bowl ad

Time was Guy Fieri just wasn’t cool. He still isn’t, but over the past few years his reputation has taken a massive turn for the good again. That nightmare of a Times Square restaurant that earned him teasing (and big bucks for tourists) is long gone. Now he is recognized as an ordinary man’s champion. At the start of the pandemic, he was the great restaurateur helping struggling restaurant workers. His show, “Triple D,” has long steered eaters toward small business. Even his silly Twitter feed is more affable than annoying.

Anyway, now Fieri is starring in Bud Light’s new Super Bowl commercial, and that’s great too.

The beer company, which previously got into the seltzer water business, is now moving into the soda business. How is it? Well, the so-called “Mayor of Flavortown” likes it. It’s the role Fieri makes literal in a new commercial, with minions bringing cans of the new alcoholic soda to the alternate world of Flavortown, which Fieri lords over. And when he tastes the new brew, he goes gaga – or accepts a sweet paycheck. Same difference.

Things are looking good for Fieri, from the massive deal he struck with the Food Network last spring to being Kristen Stewart’s choice to officiate her upcoming wedding. People don’t even seem to hate that he wears his sunglasses backwards anymore.

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