Here’s when the season 3 finale comes out

The circle Season 3 is about to end its run on Netflix and a new winner is about to be named. This cast has gone through it in the past 12 episodes, having to contend with a saga of clones, a ghost hunter, and all manner of shifting strategic alliances. So many players have played a winning game, but only one person can exit the chat with $ 100,000.

Since you’ve clearly been through every episode of The circle Season 3 Week 3 already we’re here to remind you what’s at stake in the episode finale. So when will the Season 3 finale hit Netflix? Read on for all the answers, but first, a recap!

How? ‘Or’ What The circle End of season 3, week 3?

In the run-up to the grand finale, the remnants of the two alliances fought to win over newcomer Jacki. She chose to side with Kai, James and Daniel rather than the group (Nick, Ashley, Isabella), then James calmed down and let Nick give Daniel the ax in their discussion with the influencers! Wow! James explained his reasons to Kai, telling him that Nick wanted to cut Kai. Instead of letting that happen, he had to offer Daniel in return for Nick’s word that Kai and James would make it to the Finals.

In Savage Questions, the last game of the season, players were allowed to ask questions anonymously, so you know the strategy is out. Ashley asked Kai who deserved the money the least, to which she deftly responded by hinting that the unnamed person who grew the least was the least deserving. Kai asked Isabella / Sophia if her flirtation with Nick was legitimate in an attempt to shake up that alliance, but the group stayed on track.

After another round of reviews, Nick and James once again became influencers, albeit secret influencers. Totally unaware of the identity of the other influencer, Nick and James had to decide who to block. After a lot of back and forth, they finally landed on newcomer Jacki. And just to make things more awkward, James had to block Jacki in front of his face. But if you’ve got bad news, it’s better if it comes from an easy-going guy like James.

The Circle Season 3 - James
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Now is the time for the final grades and the final! How will Nick react when he sees that Isabella is really Sophia? And how will everyone react to the fact that Ashley is Matt? And, most importantly, who will win the money ?!

When will Netflix add new episodes of The circle Season 3?

The circle will be back with the Season 3 grand finale on Wednesday, September 29 at 3 a.m.ET / 12 p.m. PT. And there you have it, yet another new episode! While waiting to see how it all plays out, you can rewatch the first 12 episodes of The circle Season 3 or get new content by following the cast on Instagram.

The circle Season 3 Episodes 1-12 are now available to stream on Netflix.

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