Hit Netflix Horror Series in Second Place After Game Squid Among All Streaming Services

Squid game has been the dominant force in the streaming world for the past few weeks, but another Netflix original has quietly put up some incredible numbers. Midnight Mass, Mike Flanagan’s latest series, Netflix’s horror series premiered last month and got off to a good start, it was just hard to notice how successful the series had been because Squid game seemed to take control of every metric or conversation.

According to new figures from Nielsen, measuring from September 27 to October 3, Midnight Mass was actually a huge hit for Netflix. The religious horror series aired over 1.1 billion minutes during that week. It was good enough for second place among all streaming programs. Squid Game was the only series to surpass it, with 3.2 billion minutes of streaming.

Flanagan has been a constant force in the horror world over the past several years, and Midnight Mass represents some of his best work to date. The series explores a small island town that has been overrun by religious extremism and how its people deal with their faith in the face of evil.

It goes without saying, Midnight Mass deals with an incredibly heavy subject. Series stars Kate Siegel and Zach Gilford spoke with ComicBook.com on how they brought these topics to the screen.

“What I liked was that the writing was such a support in this system, because while I might not have the same beliefs as Erin, on the page it was very clear that her belief made sense to her, ”Siegel told us. . “I wasn’t asked to take logical leaps that I didn’t understand or tap into an emotionality that didn’t exist. And so there is this feeling that there are these huge epic questions, like ‘what is the meaning of life? happens when we die? Where were we before we were born? That everyone is grappling with and everyone has a really individual point of view on this. It’s rare to be able to express this, and so I was just, most of the time, merry on Christmas morning to have a chance to tap into consciousness. “

“I think I had the lightest lift of everyone, I just have to go through and be wistful,” Gilford added. “As long as I truly believed what I was going through, I was blown away when I finally got to watch this show and the characters people made. Everyone from Kristin (Lehman), who played my mom, to Samantha (Sloyan) who played Bev Keane, and Kate … I’m like a guy who just struggles to say, “I don’t know, this sucks.” As long as I could go, it was well, i didn’t have to put on top of that creating a person who feels that. i was blown away by everyone when i got to watch it and felt like the easiest job . “

The seven episodes of Midnight Mass are currently streaming on Netflix.

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