How Netflix’s ‘The Harder They Fall’ Honored The Late Great Chadwick Boseman

Eagle-eyed viewers The more they fall on Netflix have spotted a sweet but subtle tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman.

In addition to showcasing a cast of stacked talent, the film contains a nod to the end, great Black Panther actor.

Boseman died in August 2020 after a private battle with colon cancer, aged 43.

Jeymes Samuel’s western follows Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) and his entourage as they seek revenge on Rufus Buck (Idris Elba) and his gang.

In addition to Majors and Elba, Zazie Beetz, Regina King and LaKeith Stanfield are all stars of the film, which is available now on Netflix.

Jay-Z, meanwhile, produced and also contributed two new original songs for the soundtrack.

Where was the reference Chadwick Boseman in The more they fall?

The tribute to Boseman is clearly visible on the side of the train that the Rufus Buck gang robbed.

A great sequence of the first act of the film takes place on a train, when the Rufus Buck gang board the vehicle to bring out their leader. About 27 minutes after the start of the film, we see the front of the train, which bears the initials “CAB”

Moments later, we see the characters of Stanfield and King walking next to a car. “CA Boseman” is written on the side of this red car, which is a clear nod to the late actor, whose full name was Chadwick Aaron Boseman.

Netflix account @strongblacklead has apparently confirmed the link as more than just a coincidence. They wrote “Our favorite story from #the hardest they fall could be the fact that the train is named after our forever king, Chadwick Aaron Boseman, “followed by a black heart emoji.

How did fans react to Chadwick Boseman’s reference?

After the tribute was posted on Twitter by Netflix, hundreds of fans retweeted and responded to the original post.

Many, including @ohhmylade and @MsEveMoneyPenny, responded with visual representations of how the gesture made them feel.

Many others have complimented the movement. @WendellMosby said: “It’s drugs!”, While @MickGuyder said: “Beautiful tribute to a true hero!”

@ Chants63737352 wrote: “A beautiful dedication to a fabulous actor”, while Twitter user @PlayboyRoyalDuh appeared to be affected by the gesture, writing “Now I’m crying. Thank you.”

More fans decided the pictures spoke more than words and used Chadwick Boseman pictures and gifs to represent what they thought of the tribute. @jon_marc_book and @KinggPatt both responded with Black Panther gif.

The Harder They Fall is available to watch on Netflix now where you can see the tribute for yourself.

Netflix Twitter account @strongblacklead shared this image of the car that honors Chadwick Boseman. “The Harder They Fall” is available now on Netflix.

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