How to clean an OLED TV

If you’ve invested a lot of money in a new TV to get the most out of the rich blacks and dynamic contrast offered by OLED technology, you’ll want to be able to actually to see this. A thick layer of dust and fingerprints between you and one of the best OLED TVIt’s not going to improve your viewing experience and that means learning how to clean an OLED TV.

First, it sounds like we’re screaming, but please stay away from all window cleaners. Where they once suited TVs, OLED and LCD panels are sensitive souls and wouldn’t thank you for the corrosive effects of most chemical cleaners. And no spraying directly on the screen either.

In fact, the best way to clean an OLED TV screen is not to use liquids and to use a soft, dry cloth. For its OLED and LCD screens, sony suggests turn off the TV to the wall, then use a dry cloth such as eyeglass cleaner. Be very careful not to press too hard on the screen to avoid damaging the screen.

If there are hard-to-remove stains such as fingerprints, Sony advises soaking a cloth in a soap-free synthetic cleaner diluted less than 1% in water. (Samsung even goes a step further and advises to use only water on its screens – the vast majority of them are not OLED, but the principle is the same.)

Whichever option you choose, this damp cloth should be squeezed well to avoid any excess liquid, then the offending area should be wiped very gently. Immediately afterwards, take a soft, dry cloth to remove any moisture from the area. As is always the rule: humidity and technology don’t mix.

For other areas, you’ll want to grab a feather duster to go over any particularly fluffy areas between the TV and the stand. If you have dust in the ventilated areas on the back of the TV (i.e. you can see them and the TV is not wall mounted), Sony suggests removing the dust with a vacuum once a month. It’s OK, we won’t tell anyone if you’ve never thought of doing it. Go ahead and be dust free!

Keeping the vents dust-free can help ensure that there are never any overheating issues and that air can circulate freely through hot parts of the TV – keeping this clear should help ensure that the TV works perfectly for longer.

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