Live Updates: Russia invades Ukraine

A confrontation between Ukrainian civilians and Russian forces in the town of Konotop ended with a message of defiance from the town’s mayor and – according to the Ukrainian side – an agreement to preserve peace.

Konotop is a small town in the northeast region of Sumy.

Social media video verified by CNN shows a Russian delegation exiting City Hall to be confronted by an angry crowd. One of the Russians appears to be holding two hand grenades as he walks back to his vehicle, as onlookers shout swear words and shove the Russians around, chanting “shame”.

His vehicle and a Russian infantry fighting vehicle then drove off.

Sumy regional authorities reported that “in Konotop, the invaders came to negotiate with the city authorities. According to Mayor Artem Semenikhin, the Russian army came out and told him to surrender the city. They threatened to fire on the city with artillery.

But the mayor “explicitly defied the threats,” authorities said.

A video of the mayor addressing a crowd shows him saying, “They’re giving me these conditions now: If we start resisting, they’ll bombard the city with artillery. If you vote for, we will fight! Who votes to retaliate?

There is a shout of approval, as some in the crowd say the women and children must be evacuated.

“I vote for the response. But the decision must be made by everyone, because the artillery is directed against us,” he said.

Later, Dmytro Zhyvytsky, head of the military administration of the Sumy region, said that an agreement had been reached with the Russians.

“The conversation between my representative of the military administration and the Russians in Konotop lasted about 12 minutes,” Zhyvytsky said.

“The agreement is as follows: there can be no question of any change of government. They are interested in law and order. There will be no troop movement. The Ukrainian flag is in its place,” he said.
“There is an agreement that we will not shoot and there will be no mutual provocations. They remain at their posts. The unhindered passage of public transport and services, ambulances, vehicles with food, humanitarian goods will be insured,” he continued.
“To provide security in the city and control, our volunteers will additionally construct checkpoints in Konotop,” he said.

There has been no news from the Russian side about such an agreement.

Across Ukraine, there have been multiple instances of civil disobedience in the face of the Russian advance, with civilians blocking roads, standing in front of tanks and clashing with Russian soldiers.

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