Mencia in ‘Elite’ on Netflix: Inside Season 4 OnlyFans plot

Warning: this story contains spoilers for the first four episodes of “Elite“Season 4.

At the Gran Hotel Brenwhorf, a handcuffed Mencía Blanco rests in Suite 428, dimly lit by red fluorescence. Daughter of the new director of the chic international school Las Encinas, the center of Netflix‘s Spanish success “Elite”, Mencía found herself in the grip of a new client, pleading “suéltame, por favor” while her phone rings constantly. .

“Behave like a professional”, demands the man. “Except that I told you,” she retorts, “I’m not a professional.

With eight new episodes airing Friday,. the fourth season of the streamer’s “Gossip Girl” / “Degrassi” / murder mystery mash-up isn’t holding back. The series, which follows three working-class students who are transferred to Las Encinas as they forge relationships – and commit crimes – across socio-economics, delves headlong into the lure and dangers of mixing sex. , cameras and money. TIC Tac and Twitter have emerged as sites for a conversation about the need to distinguish consensual adult sex work from digitally adolescent grooming.

“We wanted to keep the DNA of the series. We have adult material, but we wanted to go through with these new characters, ”“ Elite ”creator Carlos Montero told The Times via an interpreter. “We wanted to talk about what’s going on on some online pages, like OnlyFans, where you can access some sort of [sex work]. “

This season, Las Encinas welcomes four new faces, including royal Phillipe Florian (Pol Granch) and spoon-fed Blanco siblings: older companion Ariadna “Ari” (Carla Díaz), her handsome twin brother Patrick ( Manu Rios) and the youngest, misunderstood Mencía (Martina Cariddi).

As their father’s draconian administration takes power, the siblings clash with their new classmates, causing a deeper rift between Mencía and her father Benjamín (Diego Martín).

“The moment Mencía is cut off from her father or doesn’t receive as much money as she would like, she gains access to this accidental client,” Montero said. “She agrees, easily, so we wanted to talk about how it’s happening more often and how it’s been more standardized these days.”

The Blanco family are joining ‘Elite’ this season – and causing a lot of drama. From left to right: Carla Díaz as Ari, Diego Martín as Benjamín, Martina Cariddi as Mencía, Manu Rios and Patrick.


Both stubborn and desperate, Mencía goes against the grain, sitting alongside her classmates in their protest against Don Benjamín and drawing the attention of the heroine Rebe, short for Rebeca (Claudia Salas). After the season previews and the newly added brief historias – four short stories that follow the protagonists over the summer break – fans were desire for Rebe, who is bisexual, finally have a female love interest after three seasons.

Still, the budding relationship is almost thwarted by Benjamín, Mencía’s elusive demeanor, and Rebe’s emotional scars.

“The thing is, [Rebe] has no problem exploring a same-sex relationship. Her problem is opening her heart to a new relationship… because she had this great heartbreak with Samuel, ”Montero said, recalling Rebe and Samuel’s brief relationship in Season 3 – which ended because ‘he only had eyes for Carla (Ester Expósito), the cold-hearted marquise who later left him to study abroad in London. “Mencia is able to make him, little by little, open his heart. “

The connection results in a worried Rebe, who has fallen out with Mencía because of his stealth, riding his motorbike in a mad race to save his love. In doing so, Rebe, the former “Narco Barbie”, proves that Benjamín’s mistrust of her is misplaced.

In a red tracksuit and iconic golden hoops, Rebe poses as a hotel employee, offering room service and champagne. When the client opens the door to the suite, Rebe hits his groin with his helmet and throws him out. After helping Mencía narrowly escape a traumatic encounter, Rebe asks her what we all wonder: “¿Que cojones? “

With women in the foreground as in the footage above, the series takes a look at how sex, survival, and status play out in the day-to-day lives of these teens. And as two love triangles brew and chaos ensues, “Elite” pushes the boundaries of the characters.

“This particular season is primarily based on the concept of privilege,” Montero said. “[The rich] have it all and they want more, so it’s never enough. This [season] is filled with a great emotional charge and very powerful topics. It’s made so that people watch episode after episode – and can’t stop. “

The season ends on a cliffhanger, pero no pasa nada. This won’t be the last time you’ll see the crew of Las Encinas, however: the series has already been renewed for Season 5, and Montero is hoping to have a new set of brief historias before then to help you out.

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