Mion surprises with commercial success on Globo and Overtaken TV series at 6:00 p.m. and JN TV News

Responsible for Calderao Saturday afternoon since last September, presenter Marcus Millon has become Globo’s new business phenomenon. Due to high demand, the network negotiated with a third sponsor to entice it – which already had two giant brands as consistent advertisers. To give you an idea, current TV series Six in the Morning and Journal Nacional did not sell consistent ad space in 2022.

Last Saturday (22), Itaú Bank joined Ypê and Magalu, who bought shares in the program months ago. according to the news,All the brands care about the young, class AB audience with high purchasing power who usually watch Marcus Myon every week.

It is very rare for Globo to have three regular sponsors these days. To give you an idea, the current television series Six O’Clock, Nos Tempos do Imperador and Jornal Nacional, two of the station’s main productions, did not sell stable advertising space in 2022.

The three brands’ contract with Globo runs until December, ensuring that Marcos Mion will be involved in programming until the end of this year – at present Globo places great emphasis on commercial success as audiences come back. Commercial shares are sold abroad, which can increase the profits of the program.

The new boiler is considered among the darlings of the public. His outings usually score no less than 13 points in the Grand Ibope de São Paulo. gravity It had more numbers than all of its competitors combined At the time when it reached the height of ratings, such as as part of Sobe o Som, which aired before the telenovela.

In the coming weeks, the greatest anticipation will be for the setting of the Isso A Globo Mostra, which comments and mocks the facts that took place in the confinement of the participants of BBB 22. The novelty entered forever this weekend and was well received by the audience, some fans protested and demanded more time for the frame which is no more than ten minutes on the air.

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