Netflix does live action Yu Yu Hakusho

Just two weeks before Netflix is ​​released Cowboy Bebop, a live-action adaptation of a beloved ’90s anime, the streaming giant has announced another: Yu Yu Hakusho, the acclaimed manga by Yoshihiro Togashi, which has been adapted into an acclaimed animated series by Studio Pierrot.

The news, tweeted by NetflixThere are few details but the company says the series will arrive in December 2023.

In an environment full of large premises, Yu Yu HakushoHe’s an Eternal: Yusuke Urameshi is a punk teenager who is hit by a car and killed while trying to save a child caught in his way. Since this was an unusually selfless act, the inhabitants of the afterlife are unsure of what to do with him, as he would have been bound to Hell had it not been for his sudden selflessness. After passing a test, he is offered the opportunity to return to his body and becomes a detective of the underworld, investigating supernatural events in the land of the living.

The announcement is one of the highlights of Netflix’s 2021 Japan Festival, in which the streamer unveiled an extensive roster of anime and anime projects currently in production. Like with Yu Yu Hakusho, details are sparse on most of them, but the slate is also full of new seasons for recent hits (like the Ultraman reboot) and old favorites. (Including Tiger and rabbit 2, New Detective Conan adventures and Aggretsuko season 4.)

Here is hoping that Yu Yu HakushoThe absolute bop of a theme song is incorporated in one way or another.

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