Netflix just added a terrible Will Smith movie

Will smith may have reached the top of Hollywood’s A list a quarter of a century ago and has stayed there ever since relying heavily on his undeniable star power and natural charisma to headline a series of summer blockbusters successful, but he’s not opposed to the idea. a hard-hitting dramatic performance if the occasion calls for it.

The former Fresh Prince landed a pair of Oscar nominations for Ali and The pursuit of happiness, while he also landed a Golden Globe for Concussion, but its track record in the awards arena for high-profile dramas is very hit and miss, with the aforementioned titles offset by duds like Seven books and Collateral beauty.

The latter was a particularly transparent seizure for trophies, chaining in a star-studded cast to tell the story of Smith’s publicity director retreating from his own life, forcing his friends to try and reconnect with him as he writes letters to Love, Time and Death, which provide surprising and unexpected answers. It is certainly a unique idea, but the execution falls painfully flat.

As you would expect from a Smith-starred set that also includes Oscar winners Helen Mirren and Kate Winslet, as well as multiple nominees Keira Knightley and Edward Norton, acting falls far short of the mark. ‘be the major problem with the film. Instead, the tale lets everyone down via a series of absurd and unintentionally hilarious revelations.

Neither critics nor the public were impressed, and Collateral beauty only earned $ 88 million at the box office and ended up with a dismal 14% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but it’s now available to stream on Netflix and it could well become the latest in a long line. from flops to finding new life on the platform.

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