Netflix just made a major change to The Umbrella Academy

Fresh out of the first look and premiere date announcement for The Umbrella Academy season three, Netflix has apparently made a major change to the series on the streaming platform. As several fans of the Dark Horse Comics adaptation have noticed, Netflix has officially updated the series’ TV rating from TV-14 to TV-MA. What exactly that means remains to be seen, but fans are already very curious about the content of the new episodes and whether the violence will be increased for season three of the series. Let’s break down the potential for change below.

The official TV ratings breakdown, known as the TV Parental Guidelines, states that the TV-14 rating is generally considered “Parents Strongly Cautioned”, meaning content is intended for audiences 15 and older and may contain “intensely suggestive dialogue (D), strong vulgar language (L), intense sexual situations (S) or intense violence (V).” TV-MA naturally stands for the “Mature Audience Only” designation, which means it is “not suitable for children under 17” and may contain “indecent coarse language (L), explicit sexual activity (S) or graphic violence (V).”

So what does this mean for The Umbrella Academy Season 3? It seems more likely that the show is heading towards more explicit swearing from its characters than anything else. The series’ official landing page on Netflix only mentions two things as to why it’s rated TV-MA, “language, smoking.” If the series was going to explore more nudity or violence, it would be designated as TV shows with more violence, gore and sexual situations, mention them specifically on their pages.

The main reason why we don’t know what to expect from the third season of the series is that it goes beyond the source material. Although the third season will clearly incorporate something from volume 3 of the graphic novels, Hotel Oblivion, the show will apparently move forward with the arrival of Sparrow Academy.

“I’m very close with Gerard and Gabriel, so I introduce them to the season before I do, let them know what I’m doing,” series showrunner Steve Blackman told “They’re very nice and they tell me where they’re going in the next few volumes, and you know, the two mediums cross over now, sometimes they look at something that I’m doing and say, we should put that in the graphic novel, and they say, well, why don’t you do that on the show. We accept that it’s different things, but we like whenever we can find these crossovers. But I have a good idea of ​​where they go, I have an idea of ​​where I want to go, and we kind of work together to get to that happy place. But I don’t want to get ahead of them. I love what they do. So I hope if it expires, it never will.

Looks like it didn’t expire that way.

The Umbrella Academy will return with season three on June 22.

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