Netflix’s Overwhelming Boeing 737 Documentary

I just watched Netflix‘s new documentary on the Boeing 737 MAX, and my God…

“Downfall: The Case Against Boeing” now on Netflix

A new aviation documentary has recently started streaming on Netflix, titled “Downfall: The Case Against Boeing.” You can see a trailer of it below.

The approximately 90-minute documentary is directed by Rory Kennedy. It provides information on the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX crashes that ultimately grounded the aircraft worldwide. He also interviews aviation experts, pilots, former Boeing employees, families of crash victims (even the wife of the Lion Air 610 captain) and Rep. Peter DeFazio, who led the crash. congressional inquiry into the Boeing 737 MAX.

If you haven’t seen this documentary, I highly recommend you watch it.

My take on the Boeing 737 MAX documentary

First of all, this documentary is incredibly well done. It is both concise and comprehensive. Even if you’ve never heard of the Boeing 737 MAX, you’d be totally in the know by the time you’re done watching this. Those who have followed the events with the Boeing 737 MAX closely will appreciate how well this sums up the events, and the interviews really add valuable context to the situation.

This documentary is damning beyond words when it comes to Boeing’s reputation. Even though I knew pretty much every individual detail presented in this documentary, watching this made me angry again.

The documentary does a great job of not only talking about the current state of Boeing, but also talking about how Boeing’s culture has changed over time, especially after the 1997 merger with McDonnell Douglas.

As is sadly the case with so many companies, Boeing seemed to be solely focused on earnings and, more specifically, short-term stock prices. Watching this documentary almost never makes me want to fly a Boeing plane on principle again (which of course I won’t, but…).

At the end of the line

There’s a new Netflix documentary on the Boeing 737 MAX, and it’s both fascinating and infuriating. Whether you’re an aviation geek or just like investigative style shows, I highly recommend watching this. Just try to keep your blood pressure under control, because you might be furious the moment it’s done.

If you watched this documentary on the Boeing 737 MAX, what did you think of it and what did you remember?

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