Netflix’s Raising Dion Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, How To Watch & What Will Happen

More than two years after its first season, Raising Dion returns to Netflix. The critically acclaimed show about a widowed mother struggling to raise her superpowered son is based on a comic book of the same name by Dennis Liu. Season 1 was released on October 4, 2019 and in less than a week season 2 will be released.

Most of the cast are returning for the second season, including protagonists Alisha Wainwright and Ja’Siah Young. Here’s everything you need to know about the new season of Raising Dion before its release on Netflix.

When does ‘Raising Dion’ premiere on Netflix?

The entire second season of Raising Dion will be released on Netflix on Tuesday, February 1.

Netflix renewed the show in January 2020, just three months after Season 1 aired, but filming for Season 2 didn’t begin until 2021.

How many episodes of “Raising Dion” season 2 are there?

Netflix has confirmed that the second season will contain eight episodes, one less than season 1.

Reflecting the comic book origins of the story, each episode title begins with an “issue” number. The very first episode of Raising Dion was called “Issue #101: How Do You Raise a Superhero?”. Here is the full list of Season 2 episode names:

  • Number 201: A Hero Returns
  • Number 202: Sankofa
  • Number 203: Monster problem
  • Number 204: With friends like these
  • Number 205: You against me
  • Number 206: 36 good hours
  • Number 207: A world without mom
  • Number 208: Who are you?
Ja’Siah Young as Dion Warren in the second season of ‘Raising Dion’ which launched on February 1, 2022.

Who stars in ‘Raising Dion’ Season 2?

Alisha Wainwright (Shadow Hunters) and Ja’Siah Young return as mother and son Nicole and Dion.

Raising the Dion Children
(L to R) Ja’Siah Young as Dion Warren, Sammi Haney as Esperanza, Gavin Munn as Jonathan King in Season 2 of ‘Raising Dion’.

Other returning cast members include Jazmyn Simon as Kat, Sammi Haney as Esperanza, Ali Ahn as Suzanne, and Griffin Robert Faulkner as Brayden.

Joining the Season 2 cast is actor and former Special Forces serviceman Michael Anthony, who plays Gary Stafford.

Where does season 2 pick up?

Season 2 of Raising Dion begins two years after the events of Season 1, when Dion defeated the Crooked Man. Dion continues to hone her powers with the help of her mother and her trainer Tevin (played by Rome Flynn).

Dion also forms a stronger friendship with fellow superpowered student Brayden (Faulkner). Eventually, Dion realizes that danger is looming, forcing Dion and Nicole to once again battle the forces of evil to save themselves and the entire city of Atlanta.

Netflix has yet to announce if Raising Dion will be renewed for a third season.

Season 2 of Raising Dion will be available in full on Netflix starting Tuesday, February 1.

Raising Dion Jason Ritter
Dion (right) beat Pat (Jason Ritter) when he was the crooked man in season 1 of ‘Raising Dion’.

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