New on Netflix this weekend (March 25-27)

March is almost over, but the shows never stop. This weekend, take your pick of the shows you want to watch. A returning series that was the top of the Netflix food chain returns and is one of Netflix’s new shows this weekend. Meanwhile, the toys come to life with a new show that finally portrays beloved characters on adventures that are sure to make kids happy.

The usual disclaimer: Netflix may still remove a show we don’t know about this weekend, so bear with us in case that happens. All information we share with you is still accurate as of March 24, 9:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

March 25

  • Bridgerton: Season 2 – Bridgerton’s first season broke records for the streaming platform, but was quickly overtaken by more recent shows. Will Bridgerton Season 2 be able to take back the throne?
  • Transformers: BotBots – A lighter show for younger audiences comes in the form of BotBots – a toy line spun off from the popular Transformers IPs. BotBots are toys that come to life here, which will make your kids an instant fan of the toy line or extra grateful that their favorite toys come to life on this show.

March 26

  • Blade Runner 2049
  • king of thieves

March 27 – Unfortunately, there are no new shows on Netflix this Sunday. It’s a very strange choice for Netflix to always skip Sundays for their releases. I wonder why they do this? Does anyone know?

BONUS: Launch of the Halo television series on Paramount+ – Relax! We know it’s not available on Netflix, but we just thought we should let you know. The TV show based on the popular Xbox game Halo is finally out this week, and so far it’s been a treat for fans of the show. There were plenty of Easter eggs for fans to spot. While this isn’t a new show on Netflix, we just thought you’d like to hear some news about the outside world.

That’s everything new on Netflix this weekend (March 25-27). You can also check out all the new shows coming out this month here. There were plenty of shows that came out this month that you wouldn’t want to miss. Check back here on ClutchPoints for new Netflix shows next weekend as well. Good viewing!

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