North Korea accuses South Korean entertainment industry of helping Netflix


North Korea on Sunday accused the South Korean entertainment industry of working for US companies, such as Netflix, through “unfair” deals.

Northern propaganda outlet Meari said South Korean entertainment companies have turned to Netflix to improve margins amid a business slump caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He doesn’t mention the South Korean-produced Netflix hit “Squid Game” series, but the article follows recent controversy in South Korea over how the US streaming giant is making deals.

“Many South Korean works, including movies and TV series, are shown on Netflix and gross billions of dollars, but South Korean film production companies receive only about 10% of their production costs.” , Meari said, describing the arrangement as an “unfair contract.”

“They only fill the stomachs of American businesses,” he said.

The outlet also claimed that a growing number of South Koreans are unhappy that their cultural works are being reduced to money-making machines for American companies.

Critics say Netflix’s deals are designed for the company to pay for a work’s production, overseas marketing and dubbing, but offer no incentives to producers in the event the work becomes a success. .

The North Korean propaganda media recently reported “Squid Game” in a negative light, focusing on the violence and capitalist society portrayed in the series. (Yonhap)

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