Public records request shows Alice PD’s response to Orange Grove police chief’s alleged assault on teenage boy

ALICE, Texas – Alleged assault of 16-year-old at Alice apartment complex at the hands of an out-of-orange grove police chief becomes more contextual after public records request made by KRIS 6 News.

Body camera footage from two officers who responded shows blurry teenagers and a worried mother.

“I tell them to get off me man – like you can’t search me,” the 16-year-old told police. “He keeps trying to grab me and throw me against me like the car window… He throws me like that, like hey man.”

The 16-year-old’s name was redacted in the police report because he was a minor. He said he went out to grab a phone charger and a car was pointed at him. He added that the man, later identified as Roy Lee Guerrero, was not in uniform and instead wore “civilian clothes”.

“He doesn’t ask me my name – doesn’t say anything,” the teenager told police. “He just comes over to me and starts trying to dig into my pockets.”

On May 3, Orange Grove city councilors voted to open their own investigation into the incident which is to be handled by the Wood, Boykin & Wolter law firm to see if any city policy has been violated.

While not much can be seen of what led to the alleged assault, a teenager said he captured the interaction on Snapchat. Several witnesses and police could see that Guerrero had used his marked unit in the town of Orange Grove.

City administrator Todd Wright was unable to speak to the incident as per a directive from the city mayor, but said that in most cases law enforcement officers are not not able to use their take-out vehicles outside the city limits, except with prior authorization. Wright said he didn’t remember being asked such a thing.

“Looks like he was just trying to make a legal detention – he’s just trying to detain these guys, see what happens,” one officer said to the other.

“But they all tell the same story,” said the other.

The two eventually made it to Guerrero’s residence in Alice which was only a short walk away. He told officers he “did not hit” the 16-year-old and that he defended himself as someone guarding the apartment complex much like a security guard.

“He was obviously hiding something,” Guerrero said. “I didn’t want to do much with it because – you’re right – I wasn’t in uniform, you know, but you know I was – I was there doing a job because they hired me to do the job.

“Did I have my lights on?” Yeah, I did, I told him to stop, he continued, I said, ‘Hey, stop.’ “

When police told Guerrero that they had seen video of the incident, he did not respond.

“They’re just crazy because they didn’t know who you were, yeah you were in Orange Grove (cruiser), you weren’t wearing a police uniform,” one officer said.

“And they thought you were very disrespectful,” the other officer interjected. Guerrero laughed.

Guerrero was charged with simple assault, a misdemeanor. He was not reprimanded and, at the last check, remains in active service.

He declined to speak with KRIS 6 News.

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