Rebelde season 2 not coming to Netflix in February 2022

rebel hit Netflix on January 5, and fans of the original series flocked to the streamer to see the reboot. While some people considered the reboot a flop, others liked the new cast and storylines. Now people want to know rebel season 2.

If you loved listening to all the new Nonames music in the first season, you’d be happy to hear that there will be a rebel season 2 on the way! Yes, you read that right.

On January 9, the rebel The cast reunited for an exclusive fan event and announced that the teen series would be returning for a season 2. A new cast member was also announced at the event. Saak Music will be in the second season, but its role is unknown at this time.

Rebelde Season 1 – Photo credits: Netflix

With confirmation that there will be a rebel season 2, we just need a release date. Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to announce an official release date. So we can only speculate when a new season of the Netflix original series will hit the streaming platform.

Rebelde Season 2 Release Updates

As reported by SanatorioGeek, seasons 1 and 2 were filmed back to back. If this is true, we won’t have to worry about production. The show should now be in post-production. Post-production can be a long process, but we don’t think a show like rebel take all that time. In fact, the post-production may very well already be done.

Since the first season was released recently, Netflix will most likely wait to release the new season. But it looks like we won’t have to wait that long because sources announced that season 2 would air before the end of 2022.

Yes rebel season 2 is not coming out at the end of 2022, I think there is a good chance that we could see the second season at the beginning of 2023. Specifically, in January 2023. That would make a full year since the release of the first season. This will also follow Netflix’s typical release pattern for new seasons of its original series.

As soon as Netflix announces the release date, you’ll be the first to know. So be sure to stay tuned to Netflix Life for new updates and coverage on rebel season 2!

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