Resident Evil Netflix Show will have flashbacks of game cutscenes

The Resident Evil Netflix show will apparently use scenes from the video games to supplement the show in flashback sequences.

With the show’s July 14 release just two months away, fans are thirsty for more on Netflix‘s upcoming Resident Evil. However, the more information that comes from official sources, the more stunned and confused fans are.

Some of the latest information we gathered comes from an interview reported by Rely on Horror. In that article, Resident Evil Netflix show showrunner Andrew Dabb reportedly said:

Asked about Wesker’s past, Dabb says we’ll see flashbacks “to things from both games and the game’s timeline.”

This addresses why we’ve seen glimpses of Doctor Salvador from Resident Evil 4 in some of the trailers released over the past few weeks, but it doesn’t address the relevance of this flashback to this show, which is supposed to last fifteen years. after the events of Resident Evil 4. However, at least we are now sure that the Resident Evil games are canon for this show. What is worrying, however, is how this show will affect the larger continuity and lore of Resident Evil. Hopefully, if the Resident Evil Netflix show ends up falling apart and has a really bad story compared to the biggest (comparatively) best Resident Evil story, then hopefully Capcom could still ignore that show from its canon, much like what they did to Resident Evil movies of yore.

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