Rozalia Russian perfume Tom Ford heralds a beauty breach

Law firm Baker McKenzie was successful in convincing an independent reviewer to allow the Ad Standards community panel to review its original decision.

But the community panel confirmed its decision.

Unless it is appealed to the High Court, the rule is this: if it looks like an advertisement, looks like an advertisement and smells like an advertisement, it is an advertisement and should be labeled as such.

Epilogue: Russian’s last post four days ago was a tasteful photo of her wearing a necklace from Tiffany & Co. The caption read: “#currentobsession @tiffanyandco #ad”.

All in the club

Is Josh frydenberg the latest player to get into a debate about guys-only clubs in Melbourne and Sydney? It might seem so given an invitation to Australian Club members from Melbourne.

Not happy to admit women as members, president Michael bartlett invited members to attend the annual Fathers and Daughters Black Tie Ball, scheduled for early September. Girls will be admitted as guests.

And the main speaker? None other than Josh Frydenberg, local of Camberwell.

The Kooyong MP is not a member of the club, but his status as the state’s most senior liberal – and the fact that he’s a man – largely translates into a standing invitation.

There is no mention of what he will talk about yet. But there’s a good chance that diversity and equal representation will be firmly excluded given the club’s battle with a lingering question of whether to admit women as members.

Readers will recall the experience of the club’s counterpart in Sydney last month when members categorically voted against admit female members. Businessman and environmentalist Geoff cousins resigned in response.

In Melbourne, a leading commercial lawyer Philippe crutchfield would be among the members willing to start a conversation about admitting female members. And there is nothing like a room full of “modern liberal” girls to get the ball rolling. We wonder if the treasurer knows what he got himself into.

Democracy Agreement

Guys ! Bondi Hipster Christian Van Vuuren has a new project and it’s not nothing. He wants to save democracy. Specifically, he’s about to give us a “wake-up call” to “the frightening extent” to which “money has infiltrated politics.”

The comedian, who turned his cult hipster YouTube comedy into a successful TV career, created a documentary about money and politics titled Big deal. It is about “how we could work together to ensure that our democracy is not sold to the highest bidder”.

But the interview list is replete with the usual suspects, talking heads and media pies, including former politicians Malcolm Turnbull and Sam Dastyari, current independents Jacqui Lambie and Zali Steggall and Guardian Australia Catherine murphy. No sign of former prime minister Kevin rudd at this point, but where there is life, there is hope.

The movie comes out in September and ABC’s favorite son Craig reucassel is the director.

A call for funding from the Documentary Australia Foundation reveals that the film will represent “dramatic reversals in Christiaan’s worldview” as he embarks on an “unlikely adventure in the underworld of Australian politics” and “makes a difference and create a better country for its Australian children and compatriots ”.

A little flowery, but the pitch worked. The Australia Communities Foundation, founded by Marion webster and Hayden Raysmith, donated $ 75,000, while the Susan McKinnon Foundation, founded by Sophie Oh and have technology Grant rule, which created the mobile media company MessageMedia, donated $ 25,000. Obviously, saving democracy from the evils of money is so hot right now.

Red code

The Salvation Army has added more corporate fundraising firepower to its ranks. Macquarie Capital Financial Institutions Group Leader Marianne Birch was appointed chairman of Salvos’ Corporate and Philanthropic Advisory Board in Sydney, which supports the association’s annual door-to-door Red Shield Appeal campaign by connecting with major donors. Former presidents include former Woolworths chief executive Roger corbett and former Director General of the Greater Sydney Commission Lucy turnbull. A similar council is being set up in Melbourne, where in June the charity launched the city’s Red Shield appeal with help from Aurecon’s chief executive. Louise adams and Rhigh Myer, Lady Primose Potter and Susan Alberti.

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