RST Receives Prestigious Commercial Service Airport Project of the Year Award

“Runway reconstruction projects are complicated undertakings that require hard work from staff and partners with a strong commitment to safety and coordination. We are honored to receive recognition for the first phase of the project and our efforts supporting our critical users: Airlines, Air Cargo and Mayo Medical Transport,” said John Reed, Executive Director. “Project Runway 2/20 is a large-scale, collaborative effort that involves a federal, state, and local partnership. We successfully completed Phase 1 of the Runway 2/20 project on time and under budget with the help of our valued partners Mead & Hunt, Inc., Hoffman Construction Company and the support of the city and our legislators local and state,” Reed said.

The total cost of the Runway 2/20 project is $79.2 million. Phase 1 of the Runway 2/20 project was completed in November 2021 and included:

  • Removing and crushing more than 63,000 square meters of concrete pavement – the area of ​​nearly twelve NFL football fields.
  • 40-inch-deep section of replacement pavement with a network of drains and a base of almost 100% recycled concrete, asphalt and base materials from the previous track.
  • Installation of a drainage drain network to evacuate groundwater, which will extend the life of the pavement.

Phase II of the Runway 2/20 project is expected to begin in May. For photos of the Runway 2/20 Phase I project or to learn more about the Runway 2/20 project, visit the RST website.

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