Runaway Bride is coming to Netflix in January 2022

Netflix has been pretty light on Julia Roberts romcoms lately.

With the exception of Mystical Pizza and holiday movies Valentine’s day and Mothers’ Day, the streamer has been dry up when it comes to the presence of the ’90s romantic comedy queen in their romance category. But luckily, another entry is slated for Netflix in January 2022: Runaway bride.

The movie sizzles with Roberts and Richard Gere’s chemistry that made the iconic A pretty woman sing nine years ago and cement this 1999 film as a romantic classic as well.

Instead of Los Angeles, Runaway bride takes place on the East Coast where New York journalist Ike Graham (Gere) pays for factual errors he made in an article about Maggie Carpenter’s (Roberts) tendency to leave her grooms at the altar.

Her only hope to save her reputation is to do an in-depth article on Maggie in her hometown of Hale, Maryland. Ike expects to find a messy woman, which he does, but it’s not all about his previous judgments. And just like most of the men in his life, he too ends up falling in love with Maggie himself.

Too bad affairs of the heart never go smoothly, because while her attraction is mutual, that doesn’t mean Maggie is done cutting her losses and running away from love.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane with that romance or watch it for the first time, here’s when the film hits Netflix!

When is Runaway Bride coming to Netflix?

Runaway bride will be available to stream from Saturday, January 1. Another classic romcom arriving on the platform on this day is The wedding singer with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore if you are looking to make your viewing experience a dual function.

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