Scarlett Johansson shares Black Widow music video at MTV Movie & TV Awards | Entertainment

Scarlett Johansson shared a ‘Black Widow’ teaser during the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday (5/16/21).

The 36-year-old actress – who plays the lead character in the upcoming film – gave fans a brief preview of the film after receiving the Generation Award at the ceremony.

The high-octane clip featured the character of Scarlett and Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh, shortly after narrowly escaping some bad guys.

The duo briefly exchange a few pleasantries, which perhaps hints at their on-screen dynamics throughout the highly anticipated Marvel movie.

The film directed by Cate Shortland has been going on for years, but she recently reassured fans that the film has not been altered due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cate told Empire: “The movie has been fully finished – and intact – for a year now, just waiting to be unleashed on audiences.”

The Black Widow has appeared in a host of Marvel movies before, but Cate saw the standalone film as the perfect opportunity to explore another side of the character.

Although the filmmaker was initially stumped when Marvel boss Kevin Feige decided to make “ Black Widow ” a family drama, she can now see the logic behind the decision.

She said: “[That decision] confused me. And then I realized, at the end, that Kevin and I had similar visions. What I really wanted to do was expose the character and get under his skin. The family created the dynamic with which this would occur.

“We see a different side of the character, because she’s in scenes with people who have known her from childhood. She’s not a superhero in these scenes; she’s a girl or a sister.”

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