This Netflix movie is a violent twist on superpowers

Netflix movie 2020, Project Power uses violence as a tool to heighten the stakes of the film’s message rather than just using it as cheap thrill. While this movie has many components of a good movie, it’s this deeply woven message that sets it apart from other works in the genre.

It’s got a star-studded cast, a seemingly high budget, and a new twist on a familiar concept, and as a result, it’s been relatively well-received, but may not have gotten the credit it deserves yet. This is a film about an unlikely trio of ordinary people with good intentions trying to fight off some form of sold out superpowers and causing chaos in their town.


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The reason Project PowerThe creators of chose to distribute power by consuming a pill in this scenario to reflect the message of the film, that power is a drug and if someone tastes it, they crave it more and more. However, the more power someone gets, the more they need to feel satisfied. Like many drugs, while taking the pill empowered you, it could also kill those who took too much of it. It shows how being absorbed in power can consume you to the point of no return.

Power_Pill Project

Not only those who hold power fight corruption, but also those who seek to gain power. They become so engrossed in their quest for power that – even without actually having it – they are corrupted by it, to the point that they are willing to do whatever they have to.

A big part of what makes action-centric powers violent is that many of the characters who come into the powers have bad intentions. Also, many people who buy or obtain the powers use them to commit crimes or to control others. It’s basically looking at what would happen if it wasn’t the good guys who had the power, but the bad guys.

Action in a movie where superpowers are a driving force in the story is inevitable because it’s part of the genre’s formula. This movie, however, takes that up a notch. It leans into the gore of the action and doesn’t shy away from character kills throughout the film.

Power_Violence Project

Project Power takes this noticeably more violent approach as a way to highlight the main message – power in the hands of the wrong people can be dangerous and messy. The musical selection of the film even reflects this link between violence and corruption and the addictive qualities of such a way of life.

In addition to direct messages about power and its corruption, the film also explores several everyday, real-life situations where individuals abuse their power, such as when the teacher tries to dangle his power over Robin to command respect by embarrassing and lowering it. There’s also the case of Frank, the cop, who is supposed to investigate the power pills to stop them, but actually takes them to give himself a boost in certain situations.

Even the scene where Art kidnaps Robin explores power dynamics. Although Art has the physical strength to control Robin, she has the mental strength to fight back or get information from him. When Robin begins to demonstrate her mental capacity, Art begins to respect her and the power dynamics balance out.

Power_Equality project

This movie examines the concept of superpowers in a likely more realistic light than the traditional superhero/supervillain movie. In reality, if such powers were available, it would probably be a lot of bad people who could have them, and that would probably escalate into a pretty big problem for society that just perpetuates societal constructs that allow for inequality, like classism. .

The film deliberately sets itself apart from other superpower movies in the line where Robin tells Art, “I thought we were like Batman and Robin.” and he tells her that they’re not Batman and Robin because “this is real life”, which really drives home that it’s looking at power in a realistic way, not in the typical glorified light.

Although the main message of the story focuses on issues of power and how bad people can use it in negative ways, there is also a light side to the message. Amidst all the gore and violence, viewers can see through the main characters that they are good people coming together and capable of overthrowing corrupt power.

Power_Sacrifice Project

The only good form of power that is displayed in the film is power that is used to help others. Rather than ending in violence or death, it usually results in things that work. Power with purpose is the power that comes from shared knowledge and emotional connection. Our greatest powers as people are knowledge and love, even in a world where superpowers exist. The film suggests that real power is something you can’t buy; it comes from within, in the form of love, sacrifice, freedom, endurance, talent, knowledge, etc. Only the power that comes from within cannot consume you.

While the darker elements and gore can be hard to watch, it’s easy to appreciate what they bring to the story when you look at what Project Power message is trying to reach. This highlights the fact that power is enough of an incentive to get most people to do anything. The message is enveloped in violence to clearly illustrate the issues and how one can get lost in them.

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