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WASHINGTON – (AP) – No matter who they are, they’re always there. U.S. intelligence is pursuing them, but its next report will not deliver any complete or definitive truth about UFOs.

The tantalizing prospect of top government news – after decades of conspiracy theories, TV shows, movies, and presidential jokes – will instead produce a more mundane reality that likely won’t change your mind in any way. whether it be.

Investigators have found no evidence that the sightings are linked to extraterrestrials – but neither can they deny a link. Two officials briefed on the report due to Congress later this month said the U.S. government could not provide a definitive explanation for the aerial phenomena spotted by military pilots.

The report also does not rule out that what the pilots saw could be new technologies developed by other countries. One of the officials said there is no indication that the unexplained phenomena originated from secret US programs.

Officials were not authorized to discuss the information publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. The report’s findings were first published by The New York Times.

The report examines several unexplained sightings from recent years that in some cases have been captured on video of pilots exclaiming about objects flying in front of them.

In December, Congress asked the Director of National Intelligence to summarize and report on the U.S. government’s knowledge of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, or UAPs, better known to the public as Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs. The effort included a Department of Defense UAP task force established last year. The expected public release of an unclassified version of the report this month will amount to a status report, not the last word, according to an official.

Pentagon spokeswoman Sue Gough declined to comment on reporting on the intelligence report on Friday. She said the Pentagon’s UAP task force “is actively working with the office of the director of national intelligence on the report, and the DNI will provide the findings to Congress.” White House press secretary Jen Psaki, when asked about the report, first said of the matter: “It’s always a little goofy on Fridays.” But she added: “I will say that we take reports of incursions into our airspace by any aircraft – identified or unidentified – very seriously and investigate each one.”

The Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency have for decades examined reports of planes or other objects in the sky flying at inexplicable speeds or paths.

The U.S. government takes unidentified aerial phenomena seriously given the potential risk to national security of an adversary flying new technology over a military base or other sensitive site, or the prospect of a Russian or Chinese development beyond current American capabilities. This is also viewed by the US military as a safety and security issue, given that in many cases pilots who have reported seeing unexplained aerial phenomena were on combat training flights.

The report’s lack of firm conclusions will likely disappoint those who anticipate the report, given many Americans’ long-standing fascination with UFOs and the prospect of aliens having reached humanity. A recent article on CBS’s “60 Minutes” further heightened interest in the government report.

But skeptics warn that the videos and reported sightings have plausible Earth-related explanations. Mick West, author, investigator and longtime skeptic of UFO sightings, said he was supporting the military in examining any possible incursion into US airspace, especially by an adversary.

“People mistake this problem for the idea that these UFOs demonstrate amazing physics and maybe even aliens,” West said. “The idea that this is some sort of secret warp drive or that it challenges physics as we know it, there really isn’t any good evidence for that.”

The Pentagon announced a task force last year to investigate the problem, and the Navy has in recent years created a protocol for its pilots to report any possible sightings. And lawmakers in recent years have pushed for more public disclosure.

“There is a stigma on Capitol Hill,” Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., Said “60 Minutes” in May. “I mean, some of my coworkers are very interested in this topic and kind of, you know, chuckle when you bring it up. But I don’t think we can allow the stigma to keep us from having an answer to a very basic question.

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