Why a Netflix “sequel” will likely be a prequel

Netflix has confirmed two sequels to Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, one of which may actually be a prequel to the famous Benoit Blanc case.

Clues from the original Knives Out suggest that one of Netflix’s upcoming sequels may actually take the form of a Benoit Blanc prequel. that of Rian Johnson Knives Out (2019) has received critical acclaim, bringing together a star-studded cast and rekindling the murder mystery genre that seems straight out of an Agatha Christie novel. Not only was the film great for the genre, but it found an exciting platform for Johnson after his controversy with Star Wars: The Last Jedi two years ago.

Netflix has already secured the rights to produce at least 2 sequels to Knives Out, with one already gaining traction with a growing cast list and filming rumors starting in Greece. The first one Knives Out movie details Southern private investigator Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) as he investigates the murder of wealthy mystery writer Harlan Thrombey, with his family as prime suspects. Upcoming movies likely won’t involve any of the Thrombey’s, following White as he deals with new murder cases.

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While the first to come Knives Out The film will likely take place after the events of the Thrombey murder case, the third installation could be a prequel following White’s most notable case. Knives Out already set up a possible scenario when the Thrombey’s continually bring up White’s famous case involving a tennis champion. A prequel version could replace Netflix’s third confirmed adaptation starring Daniel Crag as Benoit Blanc, so it wouldn’t interfere with the development of Knives Out 2. The tennis champion’s storyline is already depicted in the first film, so it wouldn’t be out of reach for director Johnson to fully explore a pre-Thrombey White.

Benoit Blanc pontificates again, cigar in hand.

Johnson revealed that the tennis champion’s backstory is a reference to a novel read in the movie Detective (1972), and he could very well put White in the same scenario. In Detective, an author of detective novels reads one of his last novels, Double fault death, about a tennis champion involved in a murder where the killer paced the lines of the tennis court and disposed of the body in clay. Double fault death isn’t a real book, so Johnson could possibly put Knives Out and Detective in the same universe, making White the detective solving Detective‘s fictitious case. With the plot already sketched out by Detective and canonically part of Blanc’s story, a prequel would be an easy way for Netflix to take advantage of Benoit Blanc’s track record, leading directly to the Thrombey case.

With the enthusiastic way audiences praised Craig’s Detective Benoit Blanc, a prequel would be a great way to find out more about the character and how he became the intelligent mind seen in Knives Out. Blanc is similar to Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian private detective, Hercule Poirot, and Johnson could follow in his footsteps by detailing the case that made him famous. Christie’s The mysterious affair of styles explains Poirot’s “little gray cell” methods that he uses in all of his other cases, so it would be fascinating for Johnson to detail Blanc’s initial methods seen later in the Thrombey case. The mysterious affair of styles was Poirot’s first big dive as a private investigator, so the prequel might simply go back in time to explain why Blanc is such a great sleuth in Knives Out while giving more information about his mysterious past.

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